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    8 ball barroom rules questions

    I don't play snooker. Have only watched some on youtube. I don't know what a snooker type safety is. Can't you just describe what you did? You said "roll up my own ball." What does that mean? Sorry, not everyone on here is expert.
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    Good memories

    The pool room you had, why did you get out of that? Sorry, don't know your full history, just have read bits and pieces now and then.
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    8 ball barroom rules questions

    Good for you! What does the emboldened part above mean? ("Roll up my own ball.")
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    8 ball barroom rules questions

    I just read your links and your page... that is some good (and hilarious) stuff in there. Right on. What a crock "barroom pool" is, lol. It's a wonder there isn't a killing every night. The only possible way to lessen the number of killings is to post the bar's official rules. I don't think I...
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    8 ball barroom rules questions

    I just thought of something else. I have seen "scratch with any attempt on the 8ball and you lose." And barroom players ALWAYS shoot at the 8, no matter how hard the shot is. In such situations, I have played safe, executing a shot where there is no way I will scratch and had people say "you...
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    8 ball barroom rules questions

    Local bar has started a regular tournament and brought in some league players to seed the roster. Several local regulars don't like league rules and have requested and received their own barroom 8ball regular tournament. But the arguments pop up of "the way we've always played it" (barroom...
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    Don't just practice pool, practice taking falls!

    I played in a bar tournament a couple weeks ago and I was surprised that I noticed an elevated heartrate and tightness in the chest due to nervousness. I was surprised because I didn't anticipate that this would happen! BTW, I played really well. I don't think my nerves affected me much at all...
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    Masters, triangle chalk becoming outdated

    When switching to Taom v10, what is the best way to clean the old chalk off the tip before applying v10?
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    Trans debate arrives into Pro woman’s Billiards

    On the linked article, someone said, "A fair amount of shots require power, such as deep screw or splitting the pack, which will disadvantage women. There are a couple of professional male players who lack cue power, and it’s a handicap to their game because they can’t play certain shots." =...
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    Best "race to" quantity

    Hmmm, maybe I was thinking about it backwards. I guess I follow you bearing in mind that you said "for a given match length." A weaker player would be more apt to luck up and win a set or few instead of one longer race-to-x. If a match is done with sets, could someone give an example of how the...
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    Best "race to" quantity

    There are a bunch of interesting comments in this thread, including yours. For matching up just two players, would playing x-sets instead of one race-to-x be more equitable? What would be a reasonable structure? How many sets, and how would each set be structured? Thinking more of two good...
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    Best "race to" quantity

    Race to 5, race to 7, 9, whatever... is there a number that players have arrived at that they feel crowns the better of two players on that given day? Assuming that this is just for the sake of determining the better of the two on that day, with no t.v. broadcast considerations. And is there any...
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    Duell was young

    I came across this article. Good enough for pro at age 18? Must've played non-stop pool as a teen.
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    Is this a foul?

    That makes sense now that I think about it; seems you're right, the ferrule or shaft would likely hit/graze the cue ball. This thread is the first mention I have ever read of a 'scoop shot' being defined, thanks for the explanation. But I'm just a regular Joe, never played in a league. I've seen...
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    Is this a foul?

    This is super interesting to me. Can someone explain "why" a scoop shot is not allowed versus a jump shot? Why should it matter if the cue does not hit the ball you are jumping? I am assuming that a scoop shot is if you keep the cue more or less parallel with the table top and strike the cue...
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    Help with cue shaft please

    Hello, first, I don't know much about cues. I have a "low deflection" Pure X HXT15 skinny 11.75 mm cue. I find that the shaft is a little too skinny for me, so, I will just sell the shaft and get another. I would like a bit wider, I have one that measures 13mm and that seems ok. I don't see that...
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    Player Impact Bonuses

    I didn't know such a thing existed. The PGA has Player Impact Bonuses (link at bottom). Pays out $40 friggin mil! And the Fedex Cup is paying out $60 mil this week. That's in addition to the official tournament purse earnings. Pretty big money in golf! I saw the PGA money list today that...
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    Lighting question

    Hello, I will soon move my 8 ft table to the game room in my new (to me) house. I am thinking that I will not be able to have a light that hangs down from the ceiling like the proverbial table light does because if I do that, we won't be able to see the bigscreen tv. Thinking it will have to go...
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    Crazy amount of practice

    Holy cow, that is friggin unreal, thanks for posting that. He has a new fan, I was not aware of him. The strength in the fingers/hands of players like him and Emmanuel is just unbelievable. He's slaying me bending notes while chording.
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    Crazy amount of practice

    Your saying that hits home; I think Tommy Emmanuel, whom I mentioned in an earlier post, is that way. He seems to be genuinely PASSIONATE about what he does. I think he absolutely loves to practice. To me, he is one of the top (handful) of guitarists in the world. Now, he plays acoustic, not...