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    Anyone have a hard time listening to Scott Frost in the MC?

    I'd like to hear those...
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    Looking for 3/8X10 wood LD shafts

    Thanks all. Found something.
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    Looking for 3/8X10 wood LD shafts

    CLOSED Thanks all! Have an old McDermott with a 3/8X10 pin into wood shaft. Looking to replace shaft with something low deflection. Maybe an OB or something in the 314 line. Not looking for carbon. Thanks!
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    There is a First Time for Everything-a surprise with my recent cue purchase Here

    I have one of these unmarked Balabushka tributes with two shafts. Think mine's the Lou Butera one. I've held on to that one longer than any cue i've had. Super sweet cue. Hit's real nice. Highly figured BEM. sharp points and nice ring work. They look even better in person. Congrats on the...
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    Gamblers....Old Bite/Copy Past

    When was this? I have been unsuccessful trying to carry on a cue/case.
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    This is Ames Mister

    Mazin Shooni (a top US 3 cushion player) has a place in Boston that is definitely worth stopping by if you're ever in the area. I was there to get some lessons from him in 2021 and honestly couldn't believe a place like it could still exist. Huge really nice location. Tons of very well...
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    World 10-ball

    Is there currently a free live stream? Don't see anything live on YouTube
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    I've had zero respect for Mika since he threw Corey's chalk under the table then pretended not to know where it was lolol. He has other antics, but really demonstrates the maturity of a 9 year old on more than one occasion. Mika keeps his own chalk with him when he plays. During one of his...
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    Mika V De Luna Controversy....

    two putz's of the pool world anyhow.
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    Not A Violation?

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    SJM at the 2023 Derby City Catastrophe

    I saw in an interview with Greg Sullivan that the buyback was so that everyone could get to play but they'd still be able to finish the tournament. He said if everyone bought back in there's no way they'd finish, so it was just kind of built into expectations that only X% would buy back in...
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    Not A Violation?

    i remember one of schmidt's video's when he was on a very high 14.1 run when he was going for the record and he lost when the cue ball hit a bit of something and dramatically altered it's path into the pocket. dude's been burned before. he tends the lint.
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    Settle a Bet

    According to Earl Strickland you win.
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    monogramming pool cue case?

    That's another plus. The giftee i have in mind has a (what he considers) rather unfortunate nickname given to him by his nieces that i might like having immortalized...
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    Ron Thomas 2x4 Full Elephant Cue Case - RARE!!

    Beautiful... GLWS
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    monogramming pool cue case?

    Thanks. That's a good option.
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    Best GOAT moment of all time

    no bumper pool did it for me.
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    monogramming pool cue case?

    I'm looking at a getting a gift for someone and was considering getting a case and just having their initials put on it. Doesn't seem worth the wait for a custom case for something so simple so was wondering if I could just grab a case and have it monogrammed at any old mom and pop place...
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    Who is this guy

    I get the most satisfaction watching pool matches with Stu in the background and Incardona on the mic. Idk, just feels right.