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    Pool has lost a very special person today.. RIP Dante Rakin

    For those who wish to pay their respects to the Rakin Family, here is the info for the funeral arrangements: R.I.P. Dante. It's been great knowing, learning and playing 1-pocket with you.
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    Foreign Players-Why are they here?

    They are here because it goes beyond what pool offers. For those players who have traveled the world to both play pool and/or live in another place, I'm sure that they would've given it a second thought to give up the U.S. I have traveled the world and seen many countries and cities and you...
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    Pool Moments

    I got lucky ! :scratchhead:
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    Whats The Best Drills For 9 Ball?

    Play rotation :thumbup:
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    Darren Appleton world 10 ball champ!!!!!

    :o Hands down, Efren has more modesty and humility than Parica. :wink:
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    Ian Anderson's statement about missing players

    No doubt. In biblical terms, it's one of the 7 DEADLY SINS. You need not look too far in history to see those who succumbed to it. The grinding and gnawing jaws of the sin mill is never satisfied. It continues to eat without mercy and will consume anyone at every opportunity.
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    World Ten Ball updates

    The 'working' Rule of Law in the Philippines is called the 3Gs - GOONS, GUNS AND GUTS. To take undesirable characters out of power who wield the 3Gs, the antidotes are PP and bigger 3Gs. When the situation becomes unbearable and stomach churning, the masses gather and exercise 'PP' - People...
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    World Ten Ball updates

    No biggie. They'll just wait for the winners to step up into the action room and partake some, if not all, of their winnings. The WTB Phil. contingent is not the creme-de-la-creme of Philippine pool which explains many empty seats in the stands. If there's not a good showing of the players...
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    World Ten Ball updates

    . . . and these are the 3rd and 4th tier level players. The first and second tiers went on strike. :eek:
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    How Old Are You?

    Ok, Ima let you in a little secret. . . My name is Peter Pan, always 21. I stopped counting at 21. Oooooops, nose getting longer . . . morphing to Pinnochio! :D
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    Will casino gambling hurt DCC action....

    Let's put it this way. Those who want the quick buck, bank on luck and not willing to sweat a money match always march to the casino. Those who have the wits to know that their odds are better in pool and would rather win with skill will opt for the stick and balls. Given both choices in one...
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    2009 Los Angeles Open

    There's quite a few of us here and will be more than willing to pitch in with what we can. Let me know what I can do. I'll pass the info along as well.
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    2009 Los Angeles Open

    This is a great idea, Jay. Could be a nice 'Encore' performance before your final curtain call in pool and billiards promotion. I don't have much means to commit to a share but should you need volunteers to man tournament stations, please put me down on the list. I'm in the SF Bay Area but...
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    World Ten Ball - Will the show go on? Will it be cancelled?

    Couldn't have been said any better. Never met you before, but you continue to impress me with your honesty, integrity and courage to stand for the truth and for what is right. You will make a lousy politician but will be an outstanding justice of the courts. Had you been a judge, you will be...
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    World Ten Ball - Will the show go on? Will it be cancelled?

    BINGO!!! This sums it all up. For starters, the Philippine Govt should've stepped-up on this issue very early on and come-up with an amicable resolution. But since the 'buddy-system' is above and beyond the law of the land, the isssue became a stalemate being desperately resuscitated by its...
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    When I Die

    "Here lies (name), I succumbed to death not because I run out of pokes and strokes but because I ran out of breath." - Smorgasboard ;)
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    How receptive is your family about your passion with pool??

    This is deja vu. My son's mom initially did not have a problem with me and pool. She can play a little but nowhere close to competitive level. As she became part of the routine, bout twice a week, she began to drag along and gave me the same treatment you had. It was just a matter of time...
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    Why Europe gets more slots than the USA

    This is one of the blessings that many take for granted and that we must all be thankful for. We have been blessed with a land of 'plenty', plenty of choices and space. BCA is able to hold such a large event because of the availability of space. WPC on the other hand (and since its inception)...
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    Sarah Ellerby vs Jennifer Chen (How would you rule?)

    Thanks Jay. Finally know wach'll talkin bout. Man, those wiry-lean knuckles reminded me of karate sparring partners years back. They sting.:yikes:
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    Sarah Ellerby vs Jennifer Chen (How would you rule?)

    Pardon me for being an ignoramus, but who is Ming? Is that a first name or last name? A full name would be great. Perhaps I could search the AZB archives for my own information. :o