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    How long before a home table pays off?

    When we play a race to 100, playing league rule 8 ball, I save $22 in table fees plus I can drink a $ can of budwiser(off sale price) as opposed to tree-fiddy up the block at the VFW.Love my MAN CAVE
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    How long is too long to Rack..........?????????

    If a ref was being used in this tournament,they should have been called to rack and that's that.
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    Stopping to collect yourself vs continuing

    I just learned something here. Hind sight being 20/20 ....last wed nite league should have been a lot better than it was if I had taken a walk around the table. If nothing else its good mantra.
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    Cut, bank, or "other"?

    If I understand correctly??? If this shot took place,what was the Pro's choice and who was it. Sorry if I missunderstood the post.....been a long day. Got my H-D light for the man cave table gotta get that hung tonight too!!!
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    Name the New Club and Win a Cue

    Stix & Stones :thumbup: Stix & Stones
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    Ruling please

    it was on the test I went to Vegas last spring to test out in Ref School(VNEA). This was one of the test questions. td873 is correct! Yes you can. A safety is a legal shot.
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    Balls. Do they shrink or do they wear?

    what are the factory specs? +/- on a new set?
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    What's the rule?

    VNEA rule from the vnea rule book: 2. If the cue ball is pocketed or driven off the table,or the requirements of the Break are not met,it is a foul and the incoming player has cue ball in hand anywhere on the table.
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    Foul on break rules, Valley pool league

    From my VNEA rule book, #9If a player jumps a ball off the table(on the break)it is a foul and the incoming player has the option of (1) accepting the table in position and shooting,(2) taking the cue ball in hand behind the headstring and shooting. Any jumped balls are spotted in numerical...
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    Pool playing dog

    consistant stroke and nice masse
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    Bottle pool..anybody play(ed) this?

    My grandpappy taught me his version of this game.Now when I'm in the Man Cave holding court with my buds we will break-up the evening 8 ball tourney and throw in a few games of Bottle Pool. When you go back to 8 or 9 ball all sorts of shots show themselves so it, IMO, def. helps with whatever...
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    Raking the balls - unsportsmanlike or not??

    Hey inaction, was that guy from around currie mn?
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    I use Kamui. I use the ?><L out of it. I use it like regular chalk.(often) A cube still lasts over an entire year of 5-6 nites a week ansd league to boot. I've tried to be cheap like so many on here and chalk up once a month or whatever!!! Just throw the $$ out there and try it. pi_______...
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    Marking the Long String ?

    Perhaps not the original reason.....several years ago our league changed to "rack your own". Several players sought to cock the rack and gain an advantage on the break. We opened our rule book and called foul because the drawing in the rule book shows the 8 ball in line with the long string.
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    VNEA rules question

    Just got certified at VNEA ref school. Tenzip nailed it.
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    Life of a cue ball

    My interest was peaked while dwelling here at AZB (best billiards forum around). As for the most abused ball on the table, how many games?, hits, time (age) does a cue ball have in it?? A vague question because there are many brands to consider so just a general question. Also, what is the best...
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    Am I a D - Bag

    Read thru every post and fathom blue NAILED it as did many others. These replies are most insightful into character and the nuances?? in our perception/judgement that shape our beliefs. When me and the boys are in the Man Cave we bust each other all the time because everyone of us is in it to...
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    Where Have All The Kamui Chalk Warrior's Gone?

    great chalk still have cube #1 after 1.5 years. barely there just a flat chip.Still get a smooth even coverage when applied.This stuff is like womens makeup(finely ground dirt to make the ladies look good).The performance is superior IMO and why all the whining about the price??? But I do agree...
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    Finally Bought a Table

    so cool great loking table
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    Target Pool (Kim Davenport)....Anyone Ever Tried This Game?

    got both decks from Seyberts. I've p------ away that kinda $$$$ before & this was a winner. tons of fun. FOR THE PRICE OF 1 1/2 CUBES OF KAMUI YOU CAN'/T GO WRONG. love that stuff too.