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    Daytona Beach

    Take a ride to Racks in Sanford, always action there. The place in Palm coast only has 2 tight tables, and the action is hit or miss. Of course Jax is close and there are several places with action all the time. Doc
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    Milwaukee trip - Romines

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    'Bama Bound

    Haven’t been down there in many years, but I’m pretty sure Poppa’s billiards is still there south of b’ham. You will find action there, just ask bar man. Squirrel and his grandson play out of the pool hall dwntwn in Tuscaloosa. (Don’t know if it’s still there, but there is action in the area)...
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    9 Ft Diamond Table Light PRICE DROP 800$$$$

    How do you like the Littman light for your 10ft Diamond? I am thinking about buying one for mine…….
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    How do you win from here ???

    Slow speed with slight top left and go around the eight and shoot in same pocket to the right, or draw cue easy and try to tap the eight down to the rail for a shot on it to the left pocket. Looks like a slow bar box. Either shot requires good touch and speed control. Doc
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    Light Recommendation Needed.

    Most cost effective is an 8ft T5 HO fixture in a home-built enclosure. The bulbs are 52watts apiece. I use it on my 10ft diamond, and it is plenty……. Definitely some nice set-ups posted. (Sorry no pics on my phone). Doc
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    10 Ft Diamond Table questions

    I have one. Yes it will help your game on any table by improving your alignment, stroke, and english habits. (and as mentioned you will definitely learn to respect the mid-point of the table for reaching your shot at the other end....) Doc
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    FL, Merritt Island, Satellite Beach, Melbourne/beach where to shoot

    Well, there are certainly some places to play. Depends on what you prefer. There really aren’t any true pool halls in the area. Most of the places to play are bars with pool tables and leagues. (APA). There isn’t much going on in Vero, or PSL. If you want to play in a serious pool hall you have...
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    I will take it. I will pm ypu contact info.
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    Guess who’s in my local room this week...

    De Luna.....
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    Looking for an Eastwood/quivers case.....

    If you know anyone that has one they would like to sell please pm me. Thnx, Doc
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    Have you any good stories about underworld characters you met in Pool Rooms?

    About 15 years ago a couple of local drug dealers killed a guy, and buried him in concrete in the basement of a house after wrapping the victim in plastic. Unfortunately for them they buried him with his cell phone on..... About a month prior I was gambling with one of them at the pool hall...
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    My first win against a world champion - sorting thoughts

    Focus and attitude...... Congrats on the achievement and the effort to focus on only what matters in the moment. Doc
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    What next?

    Well........ APA is fine for an introduction to pool. I would suggest you play league one night a week, and play in at least two other halls with 9-foot tables the other 3-4 nights a week. Once a week try to find a cheap game against a better player that you can afford to loose to. (not the...
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    Need help with some Diamond options

    Pro vs Pro-am...... I have owned both, moved and set them up several times myself with a few friends. If you are buying the cart with the one piece its a no-brainer. I don't like waiting for someone else to do things and taking a chance on them screwing something up.(4 guys on a first floor...
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    ANYONE Know T REX....Please ask him

    Duane Is Tom still alive and playing at all? I played him a few times (donated) when I was living in Baltimore. I think his home pool room was in Dundalk? In his younger days he played with a tiny tip and cut-down ferrule. Must have been 5-6mm diameter. I heard as he got older he started...
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    RIP Marshal “squirrel” Carpenter

    Well........ My grandparents lived in Tuscaloosa and taught at U of A. While I was in undergrad in B'ham I would visit them on the weekends here and there. One visit I stopped in at the pool hall downtown to play, and wound up playing a local for lunch money for a couple of hours. The kid gave...
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    The Color of Money Musings

    It's almost impossible to rob a bookie........ IF you get any money out of them, they made the calculated decision to pay for a lesson/entertainment. Just my experience...... Doc
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    Phil Eastwood (Quiverz) Masterpiece Case Based On The Epic Movie "300" - Spectacular

    Chicken, Will you post up a pic of the case with the lid closed from the front please. (and it is 1b2s yes? Thanks, Doc. (beautiful case!! and rare!!)