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  1. The Piper

    What the hell... Here's my Webb

  2. The Piper

    What the hell... Here's my Webb

    The shafts are incredible. This is my first custom and it's awesome just feeling a perfect lump free transition goring from the shaft to the collar, etc. the Webb LD shafts are something else. I've played with first generation (12 splice and 10 splice 314 and first generations OB, the red...
  3. The Piper

    Accu-Rack or Magic Rack? That 4 ball though....
  4. The Piper

    What the hell... Here's my Webb

    I know! I thought so too, but Mike said it was just a naturally Dark Curly Maple piece that he had. The points are made from the same wood.
  5. The Piper

    What the hell... Here's my Webb

    I usually avoid posting things like this but what the hell. Here's a picture of my Mike Webb. Curly maple forearm Dirty Curly Maple Points with a black veneer. Dirty Curly Maple Butt rings all around, Elforyn Joint Collar Brass Radial Mike Webb LD shafts with Kamui Clear Mediums turned...
  6. The Piper

    Why do I hate league pool so much?

    I played on a leauge for a couple of years. It was an in house league in MA. Not APA or any of that. It was an excuse for 4 friends to get together once a week after work. Play some pool, and drink some beers and enjoy some competition. What I couldn't stand were the douchebags. You know the...
  7. The Piper

    Efren Strickland 90's shot

    yes.... I just put Efren Strickland in the title... I should have put Reyes Strickland but I always just call him Efren and Strickland Strickland.
  8. The Piper

    Efren Strickland 90's shot

    This is on that I just have to share. A little bored at work and this is one of those shots that I remember being talked about and tried over and and over and over in my local pool hall back in the day.
  9. The Piper

    Custom Pool Room

    Has there ever been a final picture of the room? like a walkthrough? This is an incredible idea and I'm jealous.
  10. The Piper

    Teaser of what's coming

    Just got it and selling it? :confused: The colors of that coco... sweet jeebus
  11. The Piper

    Top 5 playing cues

    I haven't played with all the cues out there but my top 5. Mike Webb Samsara (god I miss mine :( ) Scruggs Schon Predator First Generation 12 splice.
  12. The Piper

    Shaft wood

    What about Bamboo? Several years ago, I remember talkign to a guy saying while he was in Japan he played with a cue that had a bamboo spliced shaft and loved it.
  13. The Piper

    New Tonkin Design

    I agree. I think the workmanship that would go into making something this is incredible. I have no idea how something that like would actually be put together, so it's pretty cool. Aesthetically speaking, not a big fan.
  14. The Piper

    Shaft wood

    What other woods have you made shafts out of? Can you described the results? I'm assuming that shafts from other materials haven't been to successful other wise we'd see more odd them, I'm curious if anyone had turned a cocobolo shaft, or a pink ivory, or ebony etc.
  15. The Piper

    Teaser of what's coming

    gorgeous looking cue. That wood is cocobolo? Really nice!
  16. The Piper

    New here... just bought my first table. Scored I think.

    are you saying that a new 7' Olhausen Eclipse pool table is $500? :sorry:
  17. The Piper

    WTB: wood Box 2x4 cue case

    Anyone have any idea on where I can get one. I've seen pictures kicking around here on the forum from 2010 etc. But looking for a nice Wood 2x4 box case with a compartment to hold a couple of items. Any ideas?
  18. The Piper

    New Englanders

    Anyone have any pictures of Mr. Billiards in Framingham? or Chalkies in Westborough? Feel nostalgic and was reminiscing with a friend about them, and then we argued about what the inside of the places looked like. This was all pre camera phones so I have no photographs, and my buddy has a...
  19. The Piper

    Cool Home Billiard Rooms

    sure.... why not. Obviously you got a hard on for these rooms, so sure. these "pool rooms" are gorgeous and ooze billiards :rolleyes:
  20. The Piper

    Cool Home Billiard Rooms

    Focused meaning, that pool is the primary source of entertainment within the room. Typically this means that the furniture is pointed in the general direction of the table, and not the big screen TV, or the pinball tables, shuffleboard, air hockey etc. If you look at a lot of these rooms, the...