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    Archer vs. Nevel

    I remember Nevel was winning every tournament in that area for awhile. He was playing good. It's just that JA was on another level.
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    John Morra vs Tyler Styer

    Did Morra win or lose his Snooker match for 20k
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    My Fargorate progression

    Same boat as thread started. Haven't been a player for 20 years. I've only played 4 or 5 tournament matches since then. I'm under 500 but would still gamble with a 600
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    CJ Wiley

    The Pittsburgh story was alot of stories rolled into one. If you heard all the stories you immediately noticed. CJ is a great story teller but unfortunately I've heard them all now. If Discovery picks this up for a second season I would be surprised.
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    Mika Immonen not doing well

    Stage 4 diagnosis 25 years ago was a death sentence. I've seen alot of people beat Stage 4 in the last 10 years.
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    Pros today vs the pros yesterday

    The majority of today's players play considerably slower.
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    LASIK question - Monovision

    How much is lens implants.
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    Calcutta question

    I bought Kyle Larson's for $200 at 5/1 tomorrow don't have to worry about his cut. Going to sweat my player.
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    Buffalo Billiards One Pocket

    Lunda rating just entered top 6. Is he ready for top Money action.
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    Buffalo Billiards One Pocket

    Did he? That's hard to believe. You would think Alex would too then...
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    PPV-Buffalos Pro Classic $31,000 Added May 23-28, 2023

    Yeah I know but winning 123k you would need to give 10 or 15k or everyone would talk Shit especially the player. i say get all your money back example Gorst 40k. then give player 10-20% of 123k -40k =83k.. 20% would be 16.6k for player. What more could they want. IDK how they figured it...
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    PPV-Buffalos Pro Classic $31,000 Added May 23-28, 2023

    I know Buddy Hall use to ask for 20%. Curious how much was expected on 123k
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    PPV-Buffalos Pro Classic $31,000 Added May 23-28, 2023

    Which players are buying half there self. 20k for Alex or Fedor.
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    FSR -The Elephant in the Room

    Where is Gomez at for the year. He is winning just about everything in the Houston and Louisiana area.
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    Is Hennessey considered top ( ) gambling?

    If I remember correctly it was after Corey won a tournament SVB offered the 6 and 7 Corey said he would bet his whole Ist place money on the set. Corey lost.
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    Huge money at Pool event in Birmingham.

    My Waco buddies bought Buddy in the 90" at Champs in Dallas. Across from CJ's future place. BTW Buddy won the event.!! Pick of the litter for $2400.
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    Huge money at Pool event in Birmingham.

    I heard Buddy Hall would ask for 20% back in his day and say he would play his heart out. This is a fact..
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    T-Rex at hospital.................... are old
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    Bar table specialists

    Does Landon even play these days?
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    gorst vs chohan one pocket (april 14-16)

    Hell No! Those boys down South got plenty of money to keep putting Tony in Action !!