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    Tokyo Pool Rooms/Stores

    Billiard Rosa ( IKEBUKURO ) Bagus Shinjuku ( SHINJUKU ) Billiards CUE ( SHIBUYA )
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    Rhino CF shafts....159bux, free ship

    They appear to be working on a jump cue. How much would the price be?
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    Looking for a Adam Japan made Balabushka

    Japan web shop I checked the web shop in Japan. All was discontinued.
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    Watching The All Japan Championship

    Live streming schedule. Date:11-11-2015 9:30 Ralf Souquet(GER) vs Shozaki Hiroyuki(JPN) 11:40 Chang Yu-Lung(TPE) vs Oonishi So(JPN) 13:50 Alex Pagulayan(CAN) vs Tanaka Osamu(JPN) 16:00 Shane Van Boening(USA) vs Dante Razalan(PHI) All time is Japan time.
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    Japan Open 2015

    The men's finals was streamed in "nico nico live". But now cannot watch the finals,maybe only live streaming.
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    Japan Open 2015

    This year's entry info. If pay entry fee 30,000 JPY, maybe everyone can play there.
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    All Japan Championships

    USTREM Schedule From onthehill USTREAM(11/20) 09:30- Waleed Majid (QAT) vs Yusuke Fukui (JPN) 11:40- Daryl Peach (U.K) vs Toshinobu Tachiki (JPN) 13:50- Wu Chia Ching vs Miki Tanaka (JPN) 16:00- Thorsten Hohmann (GER) vs ??? (TAIWAN) 18:10-...
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    Ronnie Alcano

    Almost one month ago he played in "One-Side" at the Philippines. Ronnie vs Jerico (10-Ball Race to 15) ...
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    Pool halls in Tokyo

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    John Brumback's "Bank Pool: Secrets of a World Champion" DVD or Zero kicking stuff?

    I bought "Secrets of a World Champion" from this site. But there are very high technics... I cannot use it.
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    WPB World 9 ball

    Hohmann 12 - 7 Gabica Gabica break runout. Next is Hohmann's break.
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    WPB World 9 ball

    Hohmann timeout.
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    WPB World 9 ball

    Next Gabica's break.
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    WPB World 9 ball

    Hohmann 12 -6 Gabica
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    Table Difficulty Factor (TDF) for measuring table "toughness"

    Hi Dave, Do you have a TDF document in mm notation. In order to be used to more and more people, you should prepare it. Thanks,
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    Longest Extreme Draw Shot Recorded

    Japanese Player Abukawa's draw shots. ...
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    Kelly Fisher won the Amway Cup

    Hi All. We can watch the final match here.
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    All Japan Championship Live

    He came up from stage one . He looks very young. ...