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    9-ball Cut Break - which side do you hit the head ball?

    hey Deadstick.we may have a mutual friend that lives in Logansport,In, he showed me what he reffered to as a cut break about 3 weeks ago when we played some in Kokomo,In. He described it as a cut break,and i said yeah thats nothing new people have been using that break for years,trying to hit...
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    Can you become a AA/world beater at the age of 40'sh....

    find someone who plays at that level to play everyday until you start winning 50% of the time,then you will know if you can get there or not. Pick their brain apart and learn everything they know and do and see if you can play even with them. Nerve is a big part of the game,if you can play this...
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    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It...MR

    i thought the Delta rack was ok ,it doesnt warp or change,that the naked eye can see,it definitely is noisy,but my friend has one and it doesnt freeze the balls either,its about the playing surface and the condition of the balls. His balls are brand new super aramith pro balls,so its not the...
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    One of kind Titlist on Ebay

    yall have some simple minds and are easily entertained,i wouldnt have wasted my time if i would have known it was a broom,who cares really,its stupid not funny,i guess yall dont know the difference....;)
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    The newest unknown player

    why waste everybodies time with stupid posts,really dude,its a pool forum,stick to pool
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    Freddy the beard has left us

    didnt ever meet Freddie,knew of his books,but i know the type of person he was,have had many friends of mine in the pool world die in the last few years. I always love sitting around the pool room listening to their pool stories from when they were OTR or just I havent read his books and i have...
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    School Trip To The Pool Hall

    yeah i am sure that would go over real good with their parents. Hey why not throw in a beer and a joint and ask them to play races to 3 for their lunch and teach them math percentages by introducing them to the the local some things arent for kids, a pool hall...
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    Sky vs. Jesse

    you said it El Nino,i have always thought he was one of the best in the coutry on a bar box,but he is a little out of the circle anymore and also if he played that great why not go to the US bar table championships, but maybe he would lose action if he won,who knows. I only watched the last 30...
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    Handicap Mentality - What's my spot ? What are you giving me ?

    I feel like a broken record is supposed to make things fairer not fair, they dont give you 100% handicap in bowling or golf,they make it a closer match, not totally even, if they do that,like many have stated,whats the point of putting in time and effort to get better...
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    Pool "Secrets" Found on AZ

    so this is a joke post then huh, i was going to say the very first one that posted i totally disagreed with all three of his
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    The Key to Making Pool Mainstream

    I posted about the getting some stars involved in the game and getting it in the schools also about a year ago. If we could get guys like Jordan playing pool or some hot female star, people might notice the game more and follow it maybe. Kind of like dancing with the stars. Have Earl and Kim...
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    What kind of stick is this?

    its a cuteck.but i think i would have to get a closer look,and watch her stroke it to be sure...;)
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    China Open pictures - Day one

    what do the tables play like over there,is the equipment pretty decent. I have played on some chinese tables here in the US,they looked ok ,but they played like crap. Maybe that all depends on the table mechanics ability to make them play good,that can make a world of difference. I did notice...
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    China Open: Mosconi Team Results?

    I hope the USA team does well,but i have to agree,the singles events should be their easiest ones. If you are just playing for yourself you dont feel like you are letting anyone down but yourself,in the team event you have more pressure because you feel like you are letting your whole team down...
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    Sky vs. Jesse

    i heard that Dave Matlock taught Jesse how to play,any truth there? Seen him play a few times,he is awfully tough on a barbox,he has kids now and probably dont get out as much. 10 k will get him out
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    What is Your Game's Ideal Angle?

    well obviously different games require different pattern play and cueball control, rotation games require a lot of power shots and probably more English then say eightball. Eightball is more about planning way ahead ,the whole rack really and playing good patterns and bumping balls and kissing...
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    Who makes the best one pocket players?

    i have heard many say the style of play is different then it used to be its more aggressive,they dont try and make a ball or 2 and play safe,they try and run as many as they can then play safe. The old timers didnt take as many chances as the young guns do today,plus all the advanced knowledge...
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    King of Texas?

    Isnt CJ Wiley from Texas,he might have something to say about being king of Texas
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    What's your high run of 9-on-the-break?

    i have made 3 in a row several times,the first time on a 9 footer,2 in the corner and one in the side. Never made 4 before,but i was playing a friend of mine in a 9ball tournament about a year ago,it was a race to your handicap.i was a 6 he was a 5. I make three 9 balls in that match and he...
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    How strong is the 9 ball ghost a player?

    good post, i have wanted to post the same thing myself,because i wonder where i rank, i feel i am a decent "B" player statewide and probably nationally as well,but i wonder where some of the other players that play better then me rank. I like the ranking system AAA,AA,A,B,C,D because it gives...