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    TAR 35: Guess The Score Win The Cash Promo

    Check hmm. What happened if the winner is not from USA?
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    It's funny how on the zoom out shots the tables don't have middle pockets :).
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    New Project: TAR Player Portraits

    Did anyone else noticed that both of them don't have lower eyelashes , (well asians don't have eyelashes at all).
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    Alex-Scott 1p - Gameplay

    I sure thought he did not like it, but my first reaction was " Isn't he the one that made Power One Pocket, why not shoot that? " :). I guess there is always more then one option, i bet he learned that from Alex who is always , always looking for every possible shot.
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    Alex-Scott 1p - Gameplay

    Well hurry up :grin: i always look forward watching good 1p (even if it's one sided) . And i wasn't looking to analyze the match, i just though that situation clearly showed what was going on in that match.
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    Alex-Scott 1p - Gameplay

    If that was in the first hour or two i would understand, but they were playing for 6 hours already. Alex was trying shots much harder that that 13.
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    Alex-Scott 1p - Gameplay

    Well starting to get scared of the table is real bad for your game. But not overcoming that fear and trying to understand the table shows you are not in the game.
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    Alex-Scott 1p - Gameplay

    It's Scott's turn at the table, he's got the bottom left pocket. After locking Alex behind the 3, Alex tried to go 3(4?) rails behind the 12 , he fouled and we are in the current position. Scott doesn't shoot the straight in 13? :embarrassed2: What? .He shoots a safety of the 10. Am i seeing...
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    For Sale Predator 314-2 shaft 5/16x14

    Do you ship to Europe? Is it 29' or 30'?
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    Interview the next person

    No, we don't have bar tables over here :). q : How far have you traveled for a pool tournament ?
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    9ball World Championship, Doha, Qatar 2012

    Yeah it's true, easy shots were missed by both players. While the pressure sure got Tan, Efren might have put a spell on him to. :)
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    9ball World Championship, Doha, Qatar 2012

    Efren is "lucky" again. Lucky he draw such a bad opponent.
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    9ball World Championship, Doha, Qatar 2012

    Wow, he 2 railed banked a 2ball from an difficult position. He still got some mojo left. :)
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    9ball World Championship, Doha, Qatar 2012

    Efren is shaky. Oh how age does that on you. Love to see him pull some amazing shots. 9 ball is such a cruel and lucky game.
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    Watch TAR 24 on me!

    Being from a country that's got the minimum wage at 300$ i don't mind free stuff when i can get them (not like i want to impress or anything :) ). Count me in.
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    Ferrule Instalation

    Is there any acurate way to test if the ferrule is spinning true?. Is it better to cut from the shaft part of the ferrule or from the tip side? Thank you for tips. I am trying to get better at this.
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    Ferrule Instalation

    @Manwon : you are saying that instead of a collet to hold down the shaft in the chuck i should use masking tape. I would try also to clamp the shaft as close to the ferrule as i can. On house cues it feels you are doing more work then it should. Thanks.
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    Ferrule Instalation

    Hi. I recently bought a small repair lathe for doing mostly ferrule/tips. But i just run into a little problem , probably because of my inexperience. I work mostly on house cues and as you can imagine most of the ferrules are in poor shape , when i install tips i have to do the final cuts...
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    FS : Schon LTD 240, Gulyassy Custom J/B

    Hi, my name is Manzatu Ion Liviu i am from Romania (Europe) I am selling this as a package, here are the specs for cues : Schon LTD 240 19.2-19.5 oz 30' IV Shaft , with taper made by Pat Diveney. Tip on shaft is a Elk Master medium pressed dud. Gulyassy Custom B/J Black with wood rings at...