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  1. noMoreSchon

    Sport King Frame....

    My son in law is restoring a Sport King that was given to him. He just completed putting the frame together, and low and behold....two supports are missing from the frame. Is it possible to fabricate two more supports? And if so what wood should be used? I am under the idea that the frame...
  2. noMoreSchon

    Just another name this cue thread...

    I am usually pretty good when coming to find out what cue I am looking at, but with just pictures, this one seems like a older Joss, but I don't think so...hmm. Butt cap seems off. Anyways, I always enjoy reading these, didn't think I would of needed the help of the forum...but it is what...
  3. noMoreSchon

    Mosconi Cup hopefuls.. Great Job Andrew!
  4. noMoreSchon

    Dancing Robocop

    Things at Boothill casino this week looks like they are having a blast!
  5. noMoreSchon

    The Vagabound Hustlers

    Club Billiards regulars are using Twitch to stream local matches, practice sessions and all around pool. This seems to be a great tool to use to promote the sport, and if interested you can view @ Help them get this out there, and if you have any...
  6. noMoreSchon

    New way for handicapping tournaments?

    We all know those players who don't like giving up games, especially in today's times of Fargorate. It seems that every tournament is handicapped somehow. I just saw a flyer for a tournament that is a race to 5, entry is based on your fargorate. The top guns get a shot without giving up...
  7. noMoreSchon

    Wichita/Club Billiards

    I am totally 100% excited to have so much talent visit Kansas today. Joseph 'Tiny' Weber has done such a great job promoting billiards in our small town, never have we had a tournament that has brought in such talent. He runs not one but two free touneys a night, has a monthly point...
  8. noMoreSchon

    DCC costs?

    I was just thinking how much money it takes to put on this event every year, and what kind of return it is getting. It can't be all that bad, fills every year for twenty years. How much do the sponsors pay, what is the casinos take, how much meat is left for the proprietors of the...
  9. noMoreSchon

    This is a steal... Since I own one all ready, hope someone picks this jewel up.
  10. noMoreSchon

    Scotty says it all
  11. noMoreSchon

    Wichita Side Pockets getting it right

    I just wanted to put some positive into our community. Side Pockets just recently expanded and put in four 7 foot diamonds along with one 9 footer. This is in a separate 'players' room that is done up nice and proper. Speakeasy style done right, they currently are open Thursday-Sunday but the...
  12. noMoreSchon

    No more American Hustler on YouTube...

    Trying to watch the second episode, and apparently it is blocked and have to sign up for other sites to view it. If anyone has a link to watch it would be a nice way to spend the next hour.
  13. noMoreSchon

    Is this a Joss Sample cue? I have seen these before, they seem to advertise what would the wood look this what it is?
  14. noMoreSchon

    And on the other side of the pond...

    It seems pool isn't just loosing here, but in England also...
  15. noMoreSchon

    SVB 2014 Diamond Table... Smoking deal.
  16. noMoreSchon

    We Broke the Interweb...Great 2 ball debacle of 2016!

    Is the dress blue or gold? That is how this is going to play out. No winners here. Intent vs. called pockets? Sportsmanship? Neither one had it. It is sad the responses I have read, and even more disturbing is that these are the current players we 'look' up to. The call was made and the...
  17. noMoreSchon

    This will get you to the next level! I have one on order now, just in time for fathers day.
  18. noMoreSchon

    Can it be the new sports drink Cheqio?

    Been to their website and have quite a few pool players that use it. Have any of you tried this?
  19. noMoreSchon

    UPA rating vs any other leauge?

    I was wondering how your rating in the UPA is comparable to BCAPL or APA leagues? If you play in both this information would help me out greatly. Thanks '
  20. noMoreSchon

    The UPA?

    Looking to see what players think of the UPA? A new league is starting up and I really can not find anything on AZ to the pros and cons of it. Thanks.