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  1. LILJOHN30

    Wanted delta elite rack

    Want the Best price for one of these racks, I have cash
  2. LILJOHN30

    Delta rack

    What's the pros an cons between the select delta rack and the elite. Is the elite worth 2x price..
  3. LILJOHN30


    What set would the members recommend ,I. Have a gc 4 n could use new set,I was thinking aramith super pro set,with the red dot since I have a measles ball already
  4. LILJOHN30


    Anyone know where the Purple Heart davis blank sugartree is ?.
  5. LILJOHN30

    Varney jb

    Any varney jump cues out there for sale...
  6. LILJOHN30

    Sugartree sneaky

    Any out there up for sale ?
  7. LILJOHN30

    Cue repair

    Might be wrong area ,but I have a Kevin varney j/b and the jump but threads are stripped ..I need input on who can fix his and cost ....I'm located in atlanta
  8. LILJOHN30

    Cue repair

    Might be wrong area ,but I have a Kevin varney j/b and the jump but threads are stripped ..I need input on who can fix his and cost ....I'm located in Atlanta ga
  9. LILJOHN30

    Sugartree player

    Cue is an 08 cue fiery cocobolo withe Birdseye handle all micro ring work cue weights 19.4 complete .ill have to look or weight individual parts Cue has 3, 4oz shafts one being a lake shaft Butt 15.? 1500 for the cue
  10. LILJOHN30

    Bubbinga sugartree

    16 point with ebony recuts ,segmented handle and the nicest Birdseye I have scene in an while.. All micro ring work Butt is 15.27 Shafts are both 4.oz with super pro tips and 13mm Cue is a stunner. 2750 for the cue
  11. LILJOHN30

    ✨ James White Lower Model Hoppe Cue Under $700 ✨

    Pics please
  12. LILJOHN30

    Sugartree feeler

    Bought this about month ago ,love the cue but I keep going back to my other sugartree..look to see if there's a home for it out there in stead of living in my whiten case..price would be 2400..
  13. LILJOHN30

    Cue repair

    Need a lil help with a varney cue I have .i had the shaft retreaded 2 yrs ago,drilled it out and put insert in and redilled the threads.i won't say who did seems like the insert is slowly backing back out again also the jump break joint threads are starting to strip out like the main joint...
  14. LILJOHN30


    Any member have a recent email for Eric,I tried Pam's but didnt get answer
  15. LILJOHN30

    Scalloped sugartree

    Looking for a scalloped sugartree prefer a player but open to pointed cues pm me or post a pic of what u have
  16. LILJOHN30


    Looking to sell me sugartree for a bigger cue ,it's a 08 sugartree cocobolo and Birdseye ..the woods are insane as are all Eric's cues..I have 3 shafts for the cue all 4 oz and 13 mm and nice set of joints protectors ....price is 1600 Top cue in pic
  17. LILJOHN30

    Pic loading

    How to load multiple pics in thread for sale..I seem to b able to only load one pic,every time I try to add another it removed to previous pic...and I can't just load them in separate bumps to thread since the new rule
  18. LILJOHN30

    Ob classic

    Purchased this 1 week ago ,sold the cue it was purchased for so now it gotta go price is one 150 for the shaft 5/16x14 black collar
  19. LILJOHN30

    James white

    Big James white,ten point high low,ebony forarm/ebony recut points sliver and natural veneers with ivory recuts,ambonya burl low points ivory joint and but cap as well as ivory rings and ferrules .handle is highly figured ambonya burl..5 burl diamonds in butt and 5 inlay end diamond to match...
  20. LILJOHN30

    Wtt sugartree shaft

    I have an extra shaft I don't use for my sugartree,shaft is 4oz and 13 mm micro ring work and in excellent condition,I'm lookn for an ob classic preferably with solid black collar and 5/16 x14 piloted ..not really interested in any other low deflection shafts just the ob classic 12.7 mm one with...