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  1. Big-Tattoo


    I love my hole shipping SET, will take nice pics when they all 3 here ;-)
  2. Big-Tattoo

    New 1x2 GTF Cases - Remaining Stock As Of 1/1/2021

    PM please for 2/3/5/6 and 13 please
  3. Big-Tattoo

    Anyone here core a cue blank as good as John Davis did ?

    Hi, where I can buy one of your awesome Cases?? Regards, RG
  4. Big-Tattoo


    Hi Don, you want 2 new Joey Cues?? ;-)
  5. Big-Tattoo

    Schick, JMW, JW, Cog., AC, Sly, Cohen

    love both Schicks
  6. Big-Tattoo

    Looking for Red Baron RM

    last I heard it's in Asia and NFS
  7. Big-Tattoo

    WTB Jules Patterson EDC Cue

    not at the moment
  8. Big-Tattoo

    Coming soon, my MVP/KDP Full Splice

    well done and enjoy your table time with ;-)
  9. Big-Tattoo

    WTB Jules Patterson EDC Cue

    Davor is a good Guy, I still have 3 EDC Cues all made for me ;-)
  10. Big-Tattoo

    Rosewood burl Tascarella

    I would love to have if Don didn't take it before me RG
  11. Big-Tattoo

    Guerra Cues, Show some eye candy!

    I know the Olive is mine but who knowes when I'll get them
  12. Big-Tattoo

    U.S. Mail delays

    I'll got a new Cue from you (not from you directly)3 days with customs too to Germany ;-). Love that GEM, talk later (Email) to you ;-)
  13. Big-Tattoo


    ONLY the fancy ones for me Ted ;-)
  14. Big-Tattoo


    I can tell you the new Cuetec 11.8 is a BEAST, very low deflection and stiff with super Feedback, I'll not more use my 12.5 Cuetec which was played hard in 18 Month (5 times a Week and I loved them). RG
  15. Big-Tattoo

    Rosewood Barry Szamboti Hoppe - - For Sale

    Awesome Cue my Friend
  16. Big-Tattoo

    Paul Drexler Inducted into the International Cuemakers Hall Of Fame 2020

    well done, Paul is a great Guy and reply super fast if you have some questions. He deserves it Long time . Ralf
  17. Big-Tattoo

    Monster Barenbrugge - DukeofDBQ cue

    my condolences ,sad about your nice Dad. If you want /time drop me a PM please. Cheeers, Ralf
  18. Big-Tattoo

    TAD Crown for your friend and mine, Mr. Will Prout

    wish I had a Tad Cue here,frown
  19. Big-Tattoo

    New Forums

    hope for the dark site
  20. Big-Tattoo

    OB Cue No 136 wanted

    Hi Guys, a Friend of mine is looking for an OB Cue No 136, cash in Hand. Would be fine if someone have one or has an Friend who is willing to sell. Kind Regards, RG