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  1. One Pocket John

    Cue vibrates like a tuning fork.

    Have to ask this question. Is it desirable to shoot with a cue that vibrates like a tuning fork. Thinking not, I have installed rubber washers at select positions on the cue to deaden the vibrations. Not only did the washers reduce the vibrations it also changed the sound of the tip hitting the...
  2. One Pocket John

    New release from Zero X Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. One Pocket John

    New Release from Zero-X- 100 8 Ball Patterns

    Here ya go. Enjoy. John
  4. One Pocket John

    The Crowbar in Overland Missouri needs help

    The owner of this bar is a very good friend of mine and needs some help to pay the bills during the shut down. Bill Crowell, the owner is a well respected One Pocket player in the state of Missouri. I've known Bill for 25 years. He is a real nice guy and never asks for anything but when he does...
  5. One Pocket John

    A Post from the Main Forum

    I don't know how many here in the Aiming Forum read the Main Forum so I thought I would paste it here. Some really good instruction by Mark Wilson. Enjoy. :) John :)
  6. One Pocket John

    Drug Testing at the Mosconi Cup

    A friend of mine asked this question today. I said "I have no idea, but I'll find out." So, is there drug testing of the players at the Mosconi Cup? Thanks John
  7. One Pocket John

    Timing - What is it.

    Interesting. Since I use a butt extension on my cue my timing is getting better. There are times when I feel in my grip hand that the cue ball is stuck to the tip of my cue. Or feel that the tip of my cue has...
  8. One Pocket John

    (New) Mental System for Pool Players from Zero-X

    I started this thread in the Main Forum page. The posts do go a little sideways and off topic. I thought that some here in the Aiming Forum might benefit from the material offered by Zero-X. Have fun and enjoy. :) John
  9. One Pocket John

    (New) Mental System for Pool Players from Zero-X

    From Zero-X New Pool Instruction Video by Tor Lowry - MENTAL SYSTEM FOR POOL PLAYERS! The whole Zero-X Billiards Team is so excited about Tor's new release, MENTAL SYSTEM FOR POOL PLAYERS! Tor Lowry has always known the importance of the mental game in pool and has always stressed this...
  10. One Pocket John

    Mental System for Pool Players by Zero- X

    Another 1hr 40 min. video by Zero X For Patreon members only. Only $3 per month allows access to many informative training videos. Have fun. :) John
  11. One Pocket John

    Cue Ball Position System

    This is interesting coming from a pro (Mary Kenniston - spelling?) She states that the system is pretty accurate. 2019 WPBA Masters I wasn't aware of this system but will begin practicing it soon. John :)
  12. One Pocket John

    New from Zero X Billiards 12 Video Pack

    You read it right. Zero X is offering a 12 video pack of 341 minutes of instruction plus 5 ebooks. DVD pack is $26.95 or Digital Download for $19.95. Have fun...
  13. One Pocket John

    Timing and Feathering Explained

    We have all heard the term "feathering the cue ball" Here is a good explanation of what "feathering" means. Timing of the shot at hand. In this video Timing is explained well. SVB has near perfect timing and...
  14. One Pocket John

    The is interesting In the posts below the video I ask Nic to please provide links that would support his theory. My web search on his beliefs turned up cold. However, if you follow his instruction you may be surprised...
  15. One Pocket John

    20 Position Tips from Zero-X

    Only available on UT until Nov.10th then it will be moved to Patreon. Have fun and learn and practice. :) John
  16. One Pocket John

    A Question For Cue Makers

    I'm 6'2" tall and my cue is 58-1/4" long with a balance point of 19" (no weight bolt right now) The shaft is 29" long. On a normal shot the "V" of my bridge is 10" from the cue ball. From the "V" of my bridge to the front of my grip hand the distance is 43" with my chin about 6" above the cue...
  17. One Pocket John

    Controlling The Mass

    A while back I started a thread on the way Alex Pagulayan was stroking (pushing) the cue ball. From what I saw it appeared to look like that. Then watching SVB a trillion times I noticed that he appeared to be using a punch stroke on the cue ball. I have been watching these two and others and...
  18. One Pocket John

    Randy G. in action

    Got to watch Randy "Dark Horse" Goettlicher in action on YT. Enjoy John
  19. One Pocket John

    Little Mike and Ken are at it again

    This time its's banking. Training in Session 8 Part (1 of 3) John :)
  20. One Pocket John

    This is a pretty good idea

    Helping beginners and players that have problem shots. John :)