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  1. mamono

    Blackcreek Gabon Ebony Hoppe Custom Pool Cue

    Blackcreek Gabon Ebony Hoppe Custom Pool Cue Cue has a black stacked leather wrap and silver railroad track ringwork. Cue has some dings, some minor finish chips from the dings, and a butt cap chip. Nothing that affects play. Shafts have some taper roll. Cue plays very well. Finish is still...
  2. mamono

    FS: TAD1M BEM Variant Cue

    TAD1M Bird’s Eye Maple (BEM) Variant Butt: 15.820 oz, 29” inches Shaft 1: 12.95mm, 4.495 oz, 29 5/8” inches Shaft 2: 12.66mm, 4.395 oz, 29 5/8” inches Joint Type: 5/16x18 Piloted SS Cue has some finish lift over the rings, finish is mostly intact. Cue is played, yet well taken care of...
  3. mamono

    Dinevey Full Splice Kielwood/Cocobolo Cue

  4. mamono

    FS: Schon 13 Old Growth Shaft

    Have a Schon 13 shaft I'd like to put up for sale, it seems pretty old. I've had it stored vertically for the past 12 years I've owned it. It is quite straight for it's age, very slight taper roll. I count about 16 distinctive growth lines within 6 inches of the joint collar, so I think it is...
  5. mamono

    FS: Two Ginacue Shafts

    Two Ginacue Shafts, both shafts have a taper roll, but are still good playable shafts. One shaft has a cracked ferrule. Tips are Unknown, I believe may have been replaced at some point by previous owner. Asking $450, no trades. Shaft 1 Tip Diameter: 12.47mm Weight: 4.100 oz Length: 29.25”...
  6. mamono

    <吳> South West Goncalo Alves / Purple Heart Cue w/ 3 Shafts and JP's <吳>

    &lt;吳&gt; South West Goncalo Alves / Purple Heart Cue w/ 3 Shafts and JP's &lt;吳&gt; ................
  7. mamono

    Goodwill Mystery Cue

    Though it has seen better days, it was a great looking cue. Is it worth $373+ at current bidding? Or, the people bidding think it is something else? Thoughts...? Here is jayman's post of his brand new never played Brunswick cues by Adam...
  8. mamono

    Whitten Case 6x12

    Found, thx for looking.
  9. mamono

    Instroke 2x4 leather two tone case - SOLD

    Instroke 2butt/4shaft two tone leather case. I bought a cue and it came with this case. Previous owner had quit shooting shortly after purchasing this case. Case was never taken out to the pool hall. It was only used to store pool cues. Has some minor scuffs from being moved around other...
  10. mamono

    FS: Hollywood Carom Table with accessory furniture set

    I am posting this for the family of a friend who recently passed away. He shared a love of both 9-ball and 3-cushion. In his home, he had a carom table and some accompanying furniture which was a set. The family would like to see these items go to a nice new home. Items are located in La...
  11. mamono

    FS: TAD1M BEM Player Cue - Minty Freshly Refinished

    Cue was originally purchased in 1993 from Best Billiards in Santa Ana by the original owner. Owner played with the cue almost every day until a few years ago and had to give up shooting pool due to medical reasons. I acquired the cue and took it to TAD for some work. Fred Kohara refinished...
  12. mamono

    WTB: Cortland, White with Green Spec (1 spool)

    I would like to buy a spool of Cortland, White with Green Spec. Does anyone know what one of these normally goes for?
  13. mamono

    Tip dropping to check alignment?

    I personally don't do it. I take all my practice strokes as if it were the one that will hit the cue ball, but this was told to me by one of my friends as we were watching a match during a tournament. The person we were watching is normally ranked at the top, so my friend decided to tell me...
  14. mamono

    Flaws or no flaws?

    So say that you have a very early vintage custom cue from a hall of fame cuemaker, his early work obviously isn't perfect such as inlay defects, imperfect finish, rings might not be flush... etc etc... Despite these, would you have that same cuemaker restore and refinish the cue to update the...
  15. mamono

    FS: McDermott 1x2 SuperMac Cases with Rare Storage Compartments

    McDermott 1x2 SuperMac Cases with Rare Storage Compartments, I have two of them. The gray one is older and constructed a little different than the burgundy one. The gray one is slightly shorter than the burgundy one also. Condition wise, I would say that the gray one is fair and the burgundy...
  16. mamono

    Cue Collecting: Counting Inlays

    So you're sitting there with a cue in your hands while counting inlays... What would you classify as an inlay and what you would not? There are some things that sit in gray space where some would argue as being an inlay and some would say it isn't. Just thought I'd throw that question out...
  17. mamono

    TAD Multi Layer Tips

    Picked up my cue from TAD's shop, refinished quite beautifully considering how rough it was when I brought it in beginning of Oct. While I was examining my cue and talking to Fred Kohara, he asked me to wait a second while he went back into the shop area to get something. This is what he...
  18. mamono

    2009-11-04 - Mickey's in Las Vegas

    Has a great time shooting pool with my good ol' friend Dora. Haven't seen her in years since graduating from UC Irvine when we were on the UCI Billiard Team. She introduced me to some great people: Randy, Shaen Honda, Steve Honda, and a few more. Great nice atmosphere. We stayed for several...
  19. mamono

    Need some advise/quotes from table mechanics in the LA/OC area of Southern California

    Hello, I am in the market for a 9' table and I have several questions: 1) How much should I expect cost for pickup and transportation from location A to B of 16 miles? Location A is a business, Location B is a residence. 2) How much should I expect cost of setup and installation to be at the...
  20. mamono

    Deep Green

    Talk about having fun with robotics and computers!