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  1. noMoreSchon

    *THE REAL* Pool's 15 most influential people/brands list

    I hate to say this, but Florian Kohler generates a lot of followers, and views. I think he has put out more content than lots of the people on the list, the level of content? Well I much rather watch Earl and Efren. So while his influence and brand isn't a majority of pool players thing, he does...
  2. noMoreSchon

    shooting with inside

    I once feared the use of inside. Well not feared it, but if I could shoot the shot without it I did. Years ago, I shot weeks using nothing but inside. It was quite the learning experience, and it gave me the confidence to shoot any shot with the side spin I need to get where I need to. I was...
  3. noMoreSchon

    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    What was your reason to get it? I think it is safe, but it is not approved. I myself will not be getting it. I don't get the flu shot either. I think the Flu/Covid should be used effectively, for people at risk of death from those viruses. I still have a few more years before I can see the need...
  4. noMoreSchon

    What would you do?

    I like moving the 6 here. It isn't a difficult shot to move it to the back of the rack. Leaving the cue up table. EDIT: I shot this shot 5 times. I sold out twice. As soon as I set it up, I realized it was not as easy as I first thought. Thinning the rack, or taking a foul is a better one, I...
  5. noMoreSchon

    Thinking of calling it a day......

    Naw, don't dip on us. We all go through, growing pains. What came naturally 3 months ago, you may have taken for granted, now you know, and will grow on that knowledge. Only one player I know of dreamed of becoming better and did.
  6. noMoreSchon

    Big table/Small room-thinking outside of the (bar)box

    I quickly came up with a 'Lazy Susan' type system, where all four legs are at a 12 o'clock position for the center of the room, and all rotate in tandem to push it to one wall or the other. But rails seem so much better now...
  7. noMoreSchon

    What type of audience is best for tv pool?

    I watch the Masters golf tourny every year. My Dad never played golf, but he too watched it every year. Point is, I watch it to remember my Dad, and enjoy it. You do not have to enjoy playing a sport to understand the complexity and difficulty playing it is. You speak of other sports, most...
  8. noMoreSchon

    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    Nope. 100% it is not. It is approved as an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Big difference.
  9. noMoreSchon

    Sixteen pool halls in NY win injunction to reopen

    I asked my friend if her work required her to take the vaccine, she did, but let me know it is no way mandatory due to it NOT being FDA approved...I don't know how correct that is, but she is a RN???
  10. noMoreSchon

    Would You Still Gamble With This Guy?

    You talk about fargo, and nits, but state that you are 50/50 with your opponent. I don't think you can get anymore 'fair' than that. You were out moved, and he even out shot his 540 fargo rate. You said it yourself, he played better than usual. The spot was exploited, was it messed up? Yes. But...
  11. noMoreSchon

    Bookies as sponsors

    You can bet on so much more than just winners. Bet on who shoots a combo first, who plays safe first, who gives up ball in hand first....How many steps are they going to take during the match...That would be fun.
  12. noMoreSchon

    Bookies as sponsors

    I was vaguely aware of how much gamble the chinese have, the question is, would they be able to support an American Bookie/ and vice versa? But if it was just China betting away, that is really all we need for the influx of cash for the top tier of our sport. Money brings talent. Look how poker...
  13. noMoreSchon

    Hand size vs cue butt size?

    You can always use duct tape.
  14. noMoreSchon

    Bookies as sponsors

    Gambling sponsors would be a way to go. The majority of pool fans are not in the United States anymore though, a world wide wagering system would no doubt have to include China and India, and I do not know how legal that would be. With that said, it would be a momentous undertaking.
  15. noMoreSchon

    Brunswick history article.................

    Here is a whole lot of history, right here in Kansas...
  16. noMoreSchon

    New book on CTE

    Well I don't know what room he plays out of, but that is a bunch of good looking anniversarys. Fargo of 421 is something to be worried about...but 25 an hour is a steal!
  17. noMoreSchon

    Can You Identify This Gold Crown?

    I know my pocket castings had dates on them. You should check to see there. But I agree with it being a GC1. Figure 8's give it away....
  18. noMoreSchon

    The Queen's Gambit got me wondering...

    Ok. Here is a series. It would span 100 years. Start with an up and coming player. His routine, practice, diet, mental preparedness, exercise. You can see he is an athlete. This is where we want the game to go. The polished player, no booze, women and drugs. Things that we all have grown up in...
  19. noMoreSchon

    Which Would You Choose?

    When I play, I expect the best game you have got. In return I too want you to have my best game. Seems to me you both let each other down. My bestie plays real good, and over the years he has tied it to the playing the best on a new moon, and the worst on a full...just something to think about...
  20. noMoreSchon

    Fargo rating

    I heard that 10% of players in the system are 600 or better. So the top 10% of rated players isn't too shabby.