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  1. justadub

    Union Station Billiards in Portland, ME to re-open

    I read on Facebook yesterday that Union Station Billiards in Portland ME has a new owner and hopes to re-open in Mid-September, assuming licensing goes as planned. Some good news...they host most of the bigger tournaments in Maine, league and otherwise. Some history there too, many of pools...
  2. justadub

    Happy Birthday JAM!

    Happiest of birthdays to JAM today.....hope its a great one!
  3. justadub

    anyone else having trouble accessing the APA site on their phone?

    This started about a week and a half ago or so. I've always accessed the site on my phones over the years, including the current one that I'm typing this on. I can get to the site page just fine, its when I try to log into Member Access that it tells me that it cant find a secure connection...
  4. justadub

    Met AZBer Banks tonight....

    Banks was visiting family near here, and made the time to drive to my home town and play some pool with me. We met at the new pool room here that just opened a couple weeks ago, with their 9-foot Diamonds. Banks and his lovely wife took turns beating me around the table, despite protestations...
  5. justadub

    Happy Birthday, Jay Helfert

    Happiest of birthdays to you sir! Thanks for sharing your insights and stories with us. Hope you have a great day!
  6. justadub

    someday I'll learn how to get out

    Just wanted to vent....I played a match last night (yes, a league match....yes, an APA league if those things offend you, you can stop right here :p ) and had a great time, my opponent and I alternated playing well and making some goofy mistakes. We played 10 games, and I must've...
  7. justadub

    wow, facebook blowup

    Shawn Putnam going off about Cyclops balls, saying he'll never play in a tournament that uses them again....other pro's chiming in, Mark Griffin as well.... Wow. Just wow. Make your popcorn and check that train wreck out
  8. justadub

    Quick question re distance from the cue ball at address

    Hiya gang. Been a while since I've spent much time on the site, beyond the casual drive by, I got a little time this morning, and thought I might ask a question. I have a player on my team that I'm trying to help. She's been doing a pretty good job improving over the last year, without any...
  9. justadub

    For those who care... Trick Shot Magic on ESPN2

    1 pm est, espn 2
  10. justadub

    Appleton and Decahine in CSI 8 and 10 ball invitationals And so it begins...its gonna be interesting to see how the rest of the field fills out.
  11. justadub

    hitting the ball harder

    It's been a while since I brought my troubles to you folks, here I am again :p It's always been a problem, but last night it really began to annoy me more than usual. I am quite accurate when hitting the ball softly. Playing "tap tap" as we call it. With a decent table layout, I can play in...
  12. justadub

    how do i shut my mind off?

    I am beyond frustrated. I am now convinced that the overwhelmingly biggest problem with my game is mental. (Big surprise, huh?) I know that I have the skills to play reasonably well. I simply do not allow myself to do so. An example... A couple of nights ago, I was playing a ring game with...
  13. justadub

    Are all the "JOHNNY ARCHER says...." threads gone?

    Curious :confused:
  14. justadub

    stuff to remind my noobies about APA at states

    Trying to put together a short list (short, ha) of all the nit picky stuff that goes with any bigger APA tourney. Please, this isn't an excuse to crap on the apparent silliness of some of this stuff. It's been beaten to death. I'm simply trying to remember the things to educate my noobies...
  15. justadub

    Going from 9-footers to barboxes

    Looking for a little advice. Both my 8 & 9-ball teams are playing in our APA LTCs this weekend. We play exclusively on 9-footers, and there isn't a 7-footer within 35 miles, and those are Valleys. Where we will be playing, the majority of the tables will be 7-foot Diamonds. At least 3-4 of...
  16. justadub

    Mike Decahine local TV interview

    Just got a chance to see this: As I mentioned in the "Why Do I Care" thread, someone at the pool room came up to me last night, mentioning this interview they saw on the local news, about some kid from Waterville (an hour away from us)...
  17. justadub

    what do you do when.... keep making basic mistakes that costs you a match? Three times in a week? I seriously don't want to play right now. I am so very tired of the feeling I get when I do that....and I know, I have to realize that I'm not going to make everything. These are basic shots that I am...
  18. justadub

    question re switching to a soft tip

    Remember, gang, I am relatively new to all this.... The Renfro recently was offering the chance to test his new line of tips on the Main Forum, and I decided to take him up on it. I had never changed the original Everest tip on my McDermott. I asked Chris for a "soft" simply based on things I...
  19. justadub

    My 5000th post

    So I just noticed that I was getting very close to 5k (thanks, Tramp!) so I had to ask myself what I was going to post in that milestone? Something deep, or profound? Nah, not bloody likely. A simple thank you. Thanks to Mike and Jerry, for continuing to operate this wonderful site...
  20. justadub

    Dominant eye

    In Okie's thread, the "dominant eye" is discussed, and since I didn't want to derail his thread, I thought I'd start my own train-wreck here. :p I know this has been beaten about over the years, and I've tried to follow it with limited success. Ekkes made a reply that seemed easier for me to...