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  1. Foolio

    Been away from pool, anyone want to play around Los Angeles?

    Thanks for the offer Jay, I'll PM you!
  2. Foolio

    Been away from pool, anyone want to play around Los Angeles?

    So I’ve been away from pool for about eight years or so. It was my main pastime. I loved playing and watching youtube videos of the pros. I was a player and a fan. Priorities shifted and I decided to try school again (obligatory “go Bruins”). School and work took up so much of my time that I...
  3. Foolio

    Newcomer to 14.1

    Hello all! My name is Alex, and I'm just starting my poolplaying career in 14.1. So I just got into 14.1 the last two weeks. My high run in 19 (I know I suck). I started playing pool like most, 8 ball then 9. I am mostly a rotational pooplayer. I do enjoy 8 ball also, and even 3 cushion, though...
  4. Foolio

    Elevation affect wood?

    I will be traveling outside the country in two weeks, and will be staying there for two months. I want to bring my cue with me so that I might be able to play some in that time. Well, the elevation of the area that I will be traveling to ranges from 13,000 to 14,000 ft above sea level. The city...
  5. Foolio

    TNT Jump/Break Review

    It was about time I bought a break cue, so I recently acquired a used TNT jump/break cue. It is my first break or jump cue, and I wanted to review it seeing as there are not many reviews of TNT cues. It has the forearem made of bacote with the handle beign purpleheart. It look great. Being...
  6. Foolio

    Mandarin Chinese speaker's help needed

    Hey, if someone who is literate in Mandarin Chinese could help me, it'd be great! I need to type a paper for school in characters and I am wondering what is the character or pinyin for 'pool player.' I looked online for it but got táiqiú 台球. But I am not sure if it refers to pool or billiards...
  7. Foolio

    What's holding me back?

    Hello. I am approching my three year anniversary of playing pool. As Feburary comes closer I reminisce on how much I've enjoyed playing pool. My first encounter with pool came out of the ordinary. A couple of days after my 19th birthday I met my buddy in beautiful Santa Ana, Ca and we were...
  8. Foolio

    natural ability?

    What is natural ability? What is your definition? I've heard people say player X has more natural ability than player Y, what is base for this? Would it be seeing the pattern, the aiming point, playing by feel? Is it possible to become a great player without it?! Just curious what constitutes...
  9. Foolio

    young but tired?

    I know that this this might be funny to some people but here goes. I am not a big time gambler in pool by no means. But when I do play for money I play sets with a few friends and people that I have met. Usually they are very cheap (don't laugh) since I don't have much money and at most two...
  10. Foolio

    the draw player?

    I belive that controlled draw is essential to anyones game. A mentor, to an extent, recently told me that I use draw way too much. He said to try to limit myself to 1-2 times a rack that I could apply draw. Follow is much easier to control, by far. I heard one of the players that was near us...
  11. Foolio

    Sandbagging at APA National level

    Onw of the reasons people bash the APA is the sandbagging/underrated player. That being said for those of you who have gone to vegas for Nationals, how many blatant examples of sandbagging do you see? I am wondering about this because I will be going to nationals for eight ball and don't know...
  12. Foolio

    what do you think of tan chalk?

    Hey there pool players. I'm new to this forum, and my first question. I recently had my tip replaced and shaft clean. Now I've had this ob 2 shaft for about 6 months and it became very blue. One of my teammates recommended to use tan chalk to avoid the blue shade, its also looks good with the...