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  1. Ratta

    straight pool money match to 1000 points

    Hi folks, for the 14.1 lovers- big money match running in Netherlands in the Hague. Alex Lely vs Christoph Reintjes Race to 1000 here the link to the current live stream- enjoy.
  2. Ratta

    Money Match to 1.000 points Lely-Reintjes

    Hi folks, for the 14.1 lovers- big money match running in Netherlands in the Hague. Alex Lely vs Christoph Reintjes Race to 1000 here the link to the current live stream- enjoy. best from overseas. have a smooth stroke.
  3. Ratta

    General info about Ekkes/Release for "Samba"

    Hi everyone, have had contact with several guys who asked me if i have a clue about Ekkes. I had a short talk with him today to ask "how its going" with him. Ekkes is still struggling a bit with his health and still having a hard time ( will not get into details about it here). So that means...
  4. Ratta

    In Progress: Matched Set Thuya Burl

    Hi everyone, longer ago my friend Silvio Zugec from austria showed me a nice pic of beautiful "thuya burl"- and sent him immediatley the order :-) The first *wedding photograph* of the unfinished set- i m really excited-can t wait to get em :thumbup:
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  6. Ratta

    "Train the Trainers" Camp in Praha, Czech Republic Jan, 2014

    Just arrived home from Praha (czech republic). Stayed there for some days to instruct upcoming instructors of the 2 countries czech republic as well as from slovakia. Their official federation CMBS asked me to help to develope their first official instructor program to build a solid foundation...
  7. Ratta

    Thanks Randy Goettlicher

    Hi Randy, I really feel very honored to be now a part of the SPF Family. Proud to feel your faith in my abilities-seriously. It does mean a lot to me! have a smooth stroke. Ingo
  8. Ratta

    A great evening with Eric aka Fatboy in germany

    Well, in october 2009 i had the first contact with Eric aka Fatboy here on AZB. Some nice PM s changed here and there. And also some nice *comments* in threads here and there. This weekend was clear, that im going to meet with some friends and students (Dirk, Maik, Franzi) in cologne-and...
  9. Ratta

    CTE Pro1: Stan Shuffet makin balls not seeing pockets video/

    Hi guys. very nice video from Stan shooting 15 balls into pocket-without seeing the pocket- pocket covered with a curtain. Very good idea Stan- now the discussions can begin from new, hrhr^^ Keep up with the good work Stan- hats off. lg Ingo
  10. Ratta

    Brilliant Article from Ralph Eckert in 2008

    Well, everyone should know Ralph Eckert- german professional player, world-champion, travelling around the world since decades- as a pool-player and a professional instructor. Furthermore he s a brilliant author-and in 2008 he released an article on a german forum where he (in my opinion) hit s...
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  12. Ratta

    Elephant Practice Balls / Does anyone know who produces them?

    Hi all, does anyone perhaps know, who is manufacturing the Elephant Practice Ball Kit ? thx in advance, lg and merry xmas from overseas, Ingo
  13. Ratta

    Wavy Joint and Radial Pin

    Hello cuemakers :) My serious question: I have a cue with a Radial-Pin. So 2 weeks ago i had a student with me, and he gave me his shaft to try-out. My shafts are fitting very well-and it takes a *bit* harder to close it finally (joint). So i put on his shaft on my butt-and it really felt the...
  14. Ratta

    What a field at the Open

    Just ran quick through the remaining players on win and loss side-- What an impressive field now- wow! Imo one of the strongest fields in the last years. Or am i just too easy to impress? :p
  15. Ratta

    Don t miss this link-- Soon also available in english!!!

    Hi fellows- Don t forget this - make yourself a note. Get it as soon as it s released. i posted this in the main-forum. ONe of the best books ever written (imo). Informative, tons of knowledge, and with such a great humour. Ralph Eckert telling *his story*, and how his relationship with his...
  16. Ratta

    "The final Freedom - Reflections of a Masterstudent" by Ralph G. Eckert

    "The final Freedom - Reflections of a Masterstudent" by Ralph G. Eckert/comes in 2013 Hi fellows, It s time to write down a book s name to not forget to get it-it will be released SOON :-) Everyone (imo) knows or should know Ralph G. Eckert. Ralph is a professional german top pool-player...
  17. Ratta

    Pro-1 (CTE) by Stan Shuffet: 1st serious practice

    Hi Stan Shuffet, Hi fellows, Hi know-a-holics :o) played in the last 2-3 months almost no pool bc just workin with 2-3 students in the free time. But in the last 7-8 days finally found the time to also spent table-time and i really enjoyed it a lot. The last 3 days then i gave myself *a kick...
  18. Ratta

    Different Aiming Systems- One common goal

    Hello students and instructors, Hello naysayers and yaysayers, Hello really interested pool-players, First: this here is my own opinion- except the short copied text from CJ-Wiley I just wrote down my personal thoughts. So if I offend someone somehow with this text- I am the one to tear down...
  19. Ratta

    Very nice article about John s victory By reading this article i felt almost the emotions again about this fantastic match, congrats again John! lg Ingo
  20. Ratta

    Keith Josey

    Hi cue-a-holics :-) i overtook this beauty a bit longer ago from Grant, a great guy and collector in Amsterdam (NL). After meeting him became kind of friends, a wonderful guy with AMAZING cues in his arsenal. I m still happy, that i was able to get this cue out of his collection. I got the cue...