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  1. Big-Tattoo

    OB Cue No 136 wanted

    Hi Guys, a Friend of mine is looking for an OB Cue No 136, cash in Hand. Would be fine if someone have one or has an Friend who is willing to sell. Kind Regards, RG
  2. Big-Tattoo

    HBD Dave Barenbrugge

    Today is Dave's 61. Wish you all the best my Friend and many more to come in a good health which is the most important thing. Thanks for building us nice Cues. Cheers, Ralf
  3. Big-Tattoo

    fastenyour Seatbelt again, new Gem in the Universe

    Hi Folks, Long time I'm not post Cues here but this new Gem in the Universe is word to post it up. African Blackwood with Amboyna Burl, Level 5 rings and Level 4 in the handle. Enjoy and many thanks to Dave for build me this Dream
  4. Big-Tattoo

    My New Jerry -R- in progress 👑👑👑👑👑

    Here are my new Jerry Cue that is still in progress, Can't wait Buddy. Added another blank on #6 New update Ralf
  5. Big-Tattoo

    Mother Nature strikes again

    Hey Folks, Here are my new One Piece Cocobolo Cue from Cem, all white is the good Stuff:wink:. Enjoy it as I do
  6. Big-Tattoo

    NEW Onyx Tips install

    Hi All, Need a Little your help, I have the new Onyx Tips from Tiger with the orange Layer. On the Glue side is a small hole for their brand so my Question is, we have to sanded plan this side or only a little bit and still hold a small pinhole for the Glue?:confused::confused: Sorry for my bad...
  7. Big-Tattoo

    Happy B-Day Grant

    Happy Birthday Grant aka Grantstew here:wub::happy-birthday::happy-birthday::happy-birthday: wish you all the Best and yourself present are here and waiting the pick up;) Cheers, Ralf
  8. Big-Tattoo

    a really poor Guy of Chalkholders

    i want to share my Chalkholders and Cueholder as well, thanks Maik your stuff always THE BEST:thumbup: enjoy, Ralf:p:wink:
  9. Big-Tattoo

    Luzifer is born♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Hi Folks, Luzifer is born to play with me some hot Games in Hell:eek::grin: double fullsplice with 16 points, flame veneers, Brazilian /Kingwood/Kingwood.Jerry did an awesome job and special thanks for this Orbiter ring (first time for him) Cue is modified with a Extension pin from Cem and...
  10. Big-Tattoo

    looking for nice figured Desert Iron Wood

    Hey Folks, looking for nice figured Desert Iron Wood blanks must be in 18" up and 1,5" up in square thanks for helping, Ralf
  11. Big-Tattoo

    looking for Red Mallee Blanks

    Hi Folks, looking for very nice Red Mallee Blanks with big knotes/Eyes-Burls must be in very reddish/violett Colors shipping is in Conus:D pics can send to: or Pm thanks for helping:thumbup: Ralf
  12. Big-Tattoo

    Tascarella Ivory or Steel Joint?????

    Hey Folks, I want to know it is worth the 500$ more for the Ivory with steel insert Joint as his normal steel Joint???? I never have tried a Tasc with that Ivory Joint, so I don't know it will Plays better or not. All my Cues have an Ivory Joint or Phenolic, no steel jointed Cues here:wink: but...
  13. Big-Tattoo

    Tommy aka Hangemhigh is still alive

    Hey Folks, Tommy aka Hangemhigh (Sam Engles) is still alive. WHAT we can do to catch him, I'm in Europe so no Chance on my side.
  14. Big-Tattoo

    who will not love my Postman: Haley/Hellboy

    Hi Folks, here are my New Haley #181/2012/Hellboy.Sorry for the crappy pics but I don't have time before I fly to Thailand. Thanks Ron and his lovely wife for that incredible Cue.It plays awesome. I was nervous when Hurricane Sandy heat New York and the package was there, I am really lucky to...
  15. Big-Tattoo

    Happy Birthday Dean and Jimmy

    Happy Birthday, Dean Campell and Jimmy Szamboti.Hope you Guys have a great Day and many more to come:happy-birthday::happy-birthday::happy-birthday: Cheers, Ralf
  16. Big-Tattoo

    Veneer Colors for Braz/Braz or Purpleheart/Braz???

    Hi Folks, need your help on a fullsplice Cue/wrapless. Wood be in Braz into Braz or Purpleheart Forearm into Braz. WHAT Choice of Veneer Colors(4 Veneers) would you prefer. Pics are welcome:wink: Thanks, Ralf
  17. Big-Tattoo

    big Amboyna/Silver/Ivory/EE wrap McDaniel

    Hi Folks, have to sell this Beauty:( need the cash for a NEW Eye OP. Only Cash no trades and Bank wire only. This Cue is a 1/1 from Bill McDaniel, weight can ajust up and down as it has a Allen weight bolt system. SOLD$ cash price only (I have paid much more). Here is probably the nicest Bill...
  18. Big-Tattoo

    hmmm, I love Flowers and YOU???

    Hi Folk's: here are my Birthday Set that was ordered before my Health start bad, enjoy them as I do when it was arrived safe. Marc doing a wonderfull Job on this Case and Tony nailed the Cue Perfect. I'm not want a overloaded Monster only a pure elegant Player Cue (My Dream long time). Sorry...
  19. Big-Tattoo

    My new Custom Breaker from Cem

    Hi Folks, here my new Custom Breaker from Cem Custom Cues here in good old Germany:D It breaks super b:p:p:p and it looks much better in REAL enjoy, Ralf:smile:
  20. Big-Tattoo

    Old Scholl Lovers fasten your Seatbelt again,10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1/PENG

    Hi All,I mean OLD SCHOOL here is a new one from Hells Kitchen again:grin-devilish: Sorry Alton:bow-down:, but the Cuemaker did an outstanding Job. All is build with MY Specs:D Here is the Description from the Cuemaker: Cue starts with an ivory joint and brazilin rosewood forearm full spliced...