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    what separates levels of players?

    At lower levels it's fundamentals Then it's fundamentals and pattern play Once you get to the upper levels it's basically just consistency and nerves
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    Cuetec Cynergy in-depth review on AzB

    I'm finding that I like Carbon Fibers more for the consistency they provide rather than the "super low deflection." I like a little deflection and so far CueTec and a Keith Kustom are my 2 favorites. Those are the 2 I have left, still waiting to try an Ignite, Rogue and Eric Cook The shafts...
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    Luggage for cues

    I bought this on Amazon and it worked perfect for a JB Rugged 4x8 and a weeks worth or clothes.
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    Break Cue: Lucasi, McDermott, or just a break tip?

    I'm a firm believer that the Stinger is one of the best bang for your buck break cues there are. It breaks and jumps great with a little practice. A cheaper route is if you have a spare butt laying around, Dale Chilton makes break shafts for around 100 dollars and I break with my Chilton more...
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    Dr. Dave just retired from his "day job"

    Congrats!! Looking forward to the new content!!
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    APA rules question

    Sent you a PM. After seeing you are a ref at Nationals I have questions.
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    APA rules question

    I'll try to find the video and a picture I took after the match. You won't see much in the video besides 8 minutes of heehawing around which caused us to go to double points early, but I also snapped a picture of my tip after the match because they took a visible piece out of it.
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    APA rules question

    Just this year, my team made it for the 9 ball event. It definitely was not a durometer, it was some little gadget that took a small chip out of my tip.
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    APA rules question

    Yes, APA Worlds in Vegas. I had the option at a 3 rail kick or a relatively easy jump shot that I only had to clear a quarter of the ball. I was unsure of the rule although everyone around here jumps so I was lining up the kick. My captain called a timeout and told me to jump it, I grabbed my BK...
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    APA rules question

    While I don't disagree that some may not let me use it (which I'm totally fine with) I was allowed to use a BK Rush to jump in Vegas. The captains called a ref, who brought someone from the head table, they took a small device and scraped my tip and said it was legal to use. I don't think the...
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    APA rules question

    In my case they ran it up the chain and went as far to scrape my tip (I'm assuming to make sure it wasn't phenolic) and deemed it legal. With all the time wasted on it I would have rather just kicked at it, but both captains wanted clarification.
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    APA rules question

    LMAO, it hasn't changed one bit. I won't claim to be a big gambler and never bet high, but I'm a consistent rail bird and love the game. I've seen more fights in league (and had a cue ball thrown at me) then one could imagine. Betting on the side and cheap sets I've never had a single issue. I...
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    APA rules question

    Another big problem is that all the LO's aren't on the same page. I'm in SD and most of the decent players around here can jump and I was told as long as it's a full cue it's legal. I never had anyone question it until I got to Vegas and after the refs and others discussed it was determined I...
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    APA rules question

    Samsara and it was on a BK Rush. The other captain didn't think it was allowed, I honestly didn't know since I've only played a little over a year and the ref had to get one of the head guys and it was determined it was legal.
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    Video Cameras at the Pool Hall

    There is a league that's kind of caught on in South Dakota that we schedule and stream our matches on Facebook. You would be hard pressed to find a place in Sioux Falls or Rapid City right now that doesn't have at least one camera recording a match.
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    APA rules question

    In Vegas I was allowed to use the cue I broke with to jump as well. It was not a 3 piece cue and they also scraped the tip and it was determined I was allowed to use it to jump.
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    Has anyone tried the McDermott Defy?

    I got mine a couple weeks ago, I'll put the disclaimer that I'm terrible at pool so take what I say with a grain of salt. I've owned the Revo, Go2, CueTec and now the Defy in 12mm. Draw is effortless, I can snap a full table draw shot on the bar box with ease, but it took some getting use to if...
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    Do carbon fiber shafts make the game easier?

    100% agree. I've now used the Revo, Go2, CueTec and Defy. So far the CueTec is my favorite (I'm guessing because the white ferrule and still has about the same deflection I'm used to being just a mm or 2 worse than the z2). Other than possibly giving someone a bit of a confidence boost so they...
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    FOULS IN POOL ... Everything You Need to Know

    I just want to stop and say how much I love everything you do for pool. I've been taking it serious for a few years now and I still suck but I'm getting better every year. This wouldn't be the case if it weren't for your videos and tutorials.
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    APA, BCAPL, VNEA, WPA rule differences

    I've played VNEA for the last 10 years, although I've never been to Vegas I've never had to mark my pocket for the 8, only call the pocket. Is this strictly a Vegas thing or do other VNEA chapters still require a pocket marker?