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  1. jchance

    John Schmidt - How high will he go?

    There definitely appears to be a slight wobble of the 7 ball to the left and then back to the right, presumably from the cue very gently touching it. I didn't see it on first viewing either, had to watch a few times.
  2. jchance

    New rules for 10/9 ball

    What is 2 foul pushout?
  3. jchance

    Interesting BCA/WPA (not BCAPL) Rules Changes

    Will these rules apply from now in all WPA events then? Here in France, we have been playing 3 past the headstring at 9-ball for 2 or 3 years now. I think it works pretty well. At the start of this season, it was announced that the 9-ball would be placed on the foot spot for the break from...
  4. jchance

    Have Yale heard the WPA nonsense and the US Open?

    Is there anything to show that this is a genuine contract, besides one Facebook post (on which the image has been doctored)?
  5. jchance

    World 8 ball championship 2017

    Surprised not to see a thread on this announcement from yesterday: Didn't see anything on social media about it either, seems like it has kinda slipped under the radar.
  6. jchance

    AZBilliards Launches Ezine Today

    Just looked at the first issue, it looks great quality! Enjoyed reading a few of the articles and look forward to future issues. Thanks to all involved in this new development :)
  7. jchance top story

    There are a couple of links in the article to a website about online casinos. Likely that website paid to have a story published on this site, to boost its own SEO authority. Totally unrelated to pool though...:boring:
  8. jchance

    How to play this shot:

    If you are not comfortable trying to come 2 rails back down for the 9, you can easily play a simple stun shot and leave the CB in line with the side pocket, 1 diamond from top rail as looking at diagram. OK so the cut on the 9 is tougher, but it's very makeable. Looking at it, I think that's...
  9. jchance

    For Olympic Pool to exist...

    If we can have a cue sport in the Olympics, pool could stake a good case as being the most international. After all, elite snooker players all come from a small handful of different countries, so there wouldn't be a lot of interest outside of those. on the other hand, there would be realistic...
  10. jchance

    Here's a scenario ; Unsportsmanlike or not?

    Sure if he ignores you it's slightly rude but you shouldn't let something as small as that get to you . Personally, I always take the racking template off the table after the break - it also gives you a chance to walk round the table and plan your next shots, look for problem balls etc
  11. jchance

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    Wins 11-9!
  12. jchance

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    Shane looking to running out for the win at 10:9...7, 8 and 9 left
  13. jchance

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    BIH for Shane at 8-8
  14. jchance

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    It is 8-7 to Kazakis according to Karl Boyes on Facebook
  15. jchance

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    Have the other last 32 matches started yet? Only the TV table match is being updated on live scores....
  16. jchance

    2016 World 9-Ball Championship

    6-3 to Van Boening now Kiamco made a bad scratch in the side when making the 5 ball and left 3 balls to run out with BIH. Van Boening to break next...
  17. jchance

    $2000 Bank Bend Challenge

    I saw the video yesterday...looked real enough to me
  18. jchance

    Thoughts on shot clocks?

    I think it's a good idea, but difficult to put into practice when you need a referee per table to enforce it properly.
  19. jchance

    Best bank pool matches online

    I take it you're not a bank pool fan :grin-square:
  20. jchance

    Cue table mobile app/site?

    Thanks, that looks great on the desktop, exactly what I am looking for! I'll try it out this evening on mobile.