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  1. juegabillar

    Where is the biggest archive or discontinued Schon cues?

    Just to let you guys know that the is no longer working. But the Palmer site is.
  2. juegabillar

    Morro Paez latest word: Recovering from stroke

    So how is Morro Paez doing nowadays?
  3. juegabillar

    World 8 Ball Series

    Face Book Link is not working... Face Book Link is not working...
  4. juegabillar

    ABR Special Report: Ian Anderson of the WPA answers questions

    The reason for the existence of the WPA is to have consistency of rules and regulations throughout the entire Pool-Billiards World. Sure it would be marvelous to have an organization giving out thousands of dollars in benefits to World Players, but the organization is not a "Millionaire...
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    March 30 -April 2, 2017
  6. juegabillar

    Barry Behrman Passes

    My heartfelt condolences !!!! My condolences to Brady Behrman and Shannon Paschall. I always had a great time with Barry at the Open and he always took time to speak with me every year I attended. He always made sure I had a good viewing seat at the Open. Unfortunately, I missed last year's...
  7. juegabillar

    You Can't Run With Men if You Can't Take a Verbal Beatdown

    Hope he does respond .....
  8. juegabillar

    Jay Helfert resigned as Tourney Director at the US Open

    If it had been Shane Van Boening, what would you have seriously done?
  9. juegabillar

    Oscar VS. SVB live stream!!! Free

    thanks for the link.... Thank you for the link !!!
  10. juegabillar

    U.S. Open 9 ball dates ?

    The event will take place at the Sheraton Norfolk Waterside Hotel in Norfolk, Virginia on October 25-30, 2015.
  11. juegabillar

    FREE CHALK - Who wants some ??????

    ...shucks, too late..!!! ....maybe next time....
  12. juegabillar

    FREE CHALK - Who wants some ??????

    I'll take some if still available....
  13. juegabillar

    San Juan?

    All the tables have stayed here. Hannas has several of the Gold Crowns that were in Pool Palace...No new places in PR to play...
  14. juegabillar

    San Juan?

    1. Pool Palace - Old San Juan - 16 Gold Crown IV Tables 2. Criollo Sports Bar and Restaurant - Guaynabo, PR with 4 Black Gold Crown IV Tables and 4 Bar Tables 3. Rincon del Sur - Ponce, PR with 4 Brown Gold Crown IV Tables and 4 Bar Tables 4. Players Sports & Fam. Entertainment, Yauco, PR with 2...
  15. juegabillar

    Magic Chalk

    ..start your own give-away.... Well, you can start you own giveaway...!!! :D
  16. juegabillar

    McDermott D series with level in the shaft?

    Possibly the next best thing after the invention of pool... I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the latest fad for the "so called experts" here in AZB....
  17. juegabillar

    U.S. Open 9-Ball Poll

    Why not start on Monday, and finish by Thursday so that everyone could leave on Friday and be with their kids all day on rushing home from the airport...
  18. juegabillar

    2014 us open unpaid prize money

    Totally uncalled for. !!! Roberta has nothing to do with Barry's action, therefore, no need to sling her into the mud because she has believed in Barry in the past. !!! Shame on you for Bullying on Roberta. !!!!
  19. juegabillar

    Post Bigfoot updates here

    Thanks for the info....
  20. juegabillar

    Music City Open history question

    It is possible that the event was not held on some years because according to my calculations, the event should have started in 1988...