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    HELP - Brunswick Cue Identification - Please Guys!

    If it is in fact a tribute cue, it looks to me like it would most likely be the Brunswick Kling table produced in the early 1900's. And yes, those tables in good condition or fully restored if you can find one are VERY pricey. As far as what this cue is worth I really could'nt say. It doesnt...
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    Sold Tascarella cue.

    I've seen this cue, I've hit balls with it, the cue is more gorgeous in person. Everything you would expect from a Tascarella. If I'm not mistaken, the acrylic in this cue is original Balabushka stock. What I know to be fact is (a) this cue is a monster (b) you can not ask for a better seller...
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    Ebony Wrapless Sawdust Cue with maple and carbon fiber shafts

    I've never heard of them either, but they sure look super nice. Definitely sharp looking cue. Glws to OP.
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    Prewitt Birdseye Merry Widow

    I dont see pics. ?
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    Joel Hercek

    Hercek Gorgeous cue. And yes, it looks pristine. Really amazing! Glws.
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    FOR SALE: Rosewood Original Balabushka - 1 Owner & Beautiful

    Amazing Bushka Amazing piece of history. 50+ years old and still solid as a rock. I always liked the window cues, I may have Pete make me one eventually. This cue looks to be in great condition and priced fair IMHO. Outstanding. Glws sir
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    ~~>~>~>~>~~>F/S Fancy Tad Cue <~~<~<~<~<~~

    One of the prettiest TAD's I've seen. Very nice. Glws.
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    10-ball On TV right now!

    Yes it is nice to see some pool on tv. I have Verizon Fios I cant remember what channel# but it is same network you mentioned. Hopefully we'll be seing more of it in the future.
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    Tasc BEM Joint Protectors

    Sent you pm
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    What is your Age? Curious?

    Lol. You and me both brother! Im 45 and feel 85. Nice to know its not just me i guess. I can remember when i started, skipping out of school at 15 going down to the pool room, this was of course when pool rooms opened up bright and early in the morning. Now if you are lucky enough to even find a...
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    SCHICK awesome cue

    This cue is just jaw dropping. Cuh-razy........ glws
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    Sold Rare 8 Point Tascarella For Sale

    :thumbup::thumbup:Thank you for your reply. This is a BIG cue, one of the biggest listed on here and priced pretty fair IMHO. A cue like this new from shop w/ 8 pts,ebony , ring work, ivy joint, leather wrap, prob looking at 5k+ and 3 to 5 year wait to boot. And again IMHO this cue is beautiful...
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    Sold Rare 8 Point Tascarella For Sale

    Dup post.................
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    Sold Rare 8 Point Tascarella For Sale

    Wow. True you will not find many 8 or even 6 point Tascs, very few. The shafts on this cue have that sweet honey hue, thats that good wood. NICE...... What does it say under signature? This seems to make an already rare gem even more unique.
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    Sold 2020 Eddie Cohen Wrapless 4 Point 2 Veneer Longsplice Cue

    Im usually not a big fan of purpleheart, but this cue looks gorgeous. Hard to beat the beauty of a well done longsplice.
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    Joss West

    I agree, pin def looks like 5/16×18. And I also agree with Deano, this cue does have a TADesque look to it, especially in butt sleeve design. Nice cue. Glws.
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    《☆》Rare South West Pau Ferrero Satin 《☆》

    Very nice. Do you know age of cue? Is it a J Franklin?
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    Tulipwood Tascarella Hoppe

    Very unique Tasc. Great seller as well, no worries here guys. Glws C.
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    Stay FYI post

    Agree for sure.
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    FS: 2019 Omen 4 Point Curly Maple/ Ebony Cue--Sharp!

    That is a pretty cue. Glws