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  1. zombiewoff

    The value of "going home"...aka finishing your stroke!

    For what it's worth I do not often post as one can see from my post count (or lack thereof) but I've been paying attention to my finish since this thread first appeared and I must say that for me, its made quite a difference; all good. I've heard and read about a good follow through for years...
  2. zombiewoff

    Snappy Comeback Comments

    Well played, sir.
  3. zombiewoff

    Do you carry a towel in or on your case?

    I actually have two. I have a hand towel that I keep in my case and a microfiber towel that I keep in my back pocket for the cue.
  4. zombiewoff

    Your Favorite Departure Quote

    Carry on as though I weren't here.
  5. zombiewoff

    Bigtruck live streaming now

    Bump for a spot on the front page.
  6. zombiewoff

    How much are weekly BCA league dues?

    Ours is a dollar a game played, so $5 is tops for a night. Team fee is $50 for the year.
  7. zombiewoff

    Sport or game

    Touche'. There appears to be a flaw in my logic. I'll still stand by sport.
  8. zombiewoff

    Sport or game

    There is defense and offense...thus it is a sport.
  9. zombiewoff

    what do you really look at?

    I chose tip although that may be misleading. I look at the tip to make sure it will hit the cue ball where I want but to do so also requires one to look at the cue so do with that what you will. I probably should have gone with varies.
  10. zombiewoff

    Not ready too

    I've never shipped one but have received a couple. They came in a shipping tube and were protected inside that by bubble wrap. Worked very well.
  11. zombiewoff

    Newbie intro

    I am by no means a cue tech but that tip replacement kit is comprised (mostly) of the items I use too. Couple things I've learned is to tape up the shaft and ferrule ( I use blue painters tape) before you do anything after cutting the old tip off. Be sure to take plenty of time, it's not a...
  12. zombiewoff

    Bigtruck live streaming apa tri. Cup

    Looking forward to it. Bigtruck does a fantastic job!
  13. zombiewoff

    printable pool table?

    I can't remember the specific site, but if you PM me your email address, I can send you 3 different versions. 1 table per page, 2 tables per page and 4 tables per page. They are in a PDF format.
  14. zombiewoff

    Bigtruck has a nice stream

    They are warming up now. He'll be showing 3 matches.
  15. zombiewoff

    Bigtruck has a nice stream

    He's done a fine job both last night, today and not doubt tomorrow. The ring game (Midnight Madness) will be well worth one's time too!! I don't know too much but there's a $500 buy in and, if I heard correctly, that has to come from a backer.
  16. zombiewoff

    The Mainstream Like To read and watch hustling

    I would like to take a moment to publicly thank JohnnyT for doing this. Rep to you.
  17. zombiewoff

    I hope this isn't a typo...

    I have not watched the whole set, but from the matches that I have watched about half have commentary and the other half do not.
  18. zombiewoff

    I hope this isn't a typo...

    Worth so much more. I got a set before Christmas early present to myself. Some great matches.
  19. zombiewoff

    What did you learn this year?

    I learned that I don't have to grip the cue like I'm trying to strangle it. I also learned to slow down and study...the table, the shot, the other shooters, myself, etc.. I also relearned that is nobodys fault but mine.