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    GOAT-I feel tthis should be spelled GOTE

    People are always referring to the Greatest Of All Time. It always seems to lead to many different paths & opinions. Why not change it to GOTE. Greatest Of Their Era? I just feel it would be more accurate.
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    Efren's Itinerary

    If Efren is still in States will he leave from So Cal & if so when?
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    Shane's Cue

    Anyone Know The Length of Shane's Cue?
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    I Wonder What The World Would be Like if Efren Was 30---

    I wonder what the world would be like if Efren were 30 and his opponents were 60+ He flies 16-18 hours half way around the world and within 8 hours he s in action. Looks tired and somewhat off of his game. The next day he looks stronger and seems to never stop playing. He is a machine, Does...
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    Dennis Orcullo & Billy Sharpe

    Anyone know who won the match? 10/6 was a hard way to go.
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    Winner of Richeson & Roberts 1 Hole Match?

    Anyone know who won the race to 6 ahead? I had to stop watching at 2am PST with Richie up 3 - 4 games.
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    Winner of Richeson & Roberts 1 Hole Match?

    Who won the match? I gave up at 2am PST and I think that Richie was up by about 3-4 games in a race to 6 ahead. Marathon that was back and forth.
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    A Needed New Tool

    20+ years ago there was a spiral bound booklet about 4" wide by 10" high. When you opened it there was a picture of a scaled pool table. On the opposite page was a large area to describe the shot. (1 tip low--2 tips left--medium speed.) It was a great tool to take a shot from a VCR instructional...
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    A Needed New Tool

    20+ yrs ago there was a spiral bound booklet available that was approx. 4" wide by 10" tall. When you opened it there was a diagram of a scale pool table on one page and on the other side was a substantial area to describe the shot--(1 tip low left and medium speed.) Great tool for taking a shot...
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    A Needed New Tool

    A Needed New Product for Billiard Supply Companies. About 20 years ago Chalkers in San Francisco had great learning tool. It was a spiral bound booklet about 4" wide by 10" long. When opened you had a scale pool table printed on one side. On this side you could draw in the positions of the CB...
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    Scarcity of in Depth Derby Updates

    Are all internet devices being confiscated at the door at the Derby? Each year there seem to be fewer & fewer in depth updates at the Derby. I understand that the gambling is under the radar. Hopefully that info will show up later. Unfortunately, the Louie Roberts Banner was removed. Silly...
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    Where is Daniel?

    Tried watching Mezz State Tour today. No Daniel of POV, no commentary, no match scores, no fun. What happened? Funny way to promote a new tour.
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    CTE Shot Chart

    I had a chart from Stan's 1st DVD that showed 40 some odd shots along with another sheet that showed set ups and what the pivot was for each shot. These were 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. I had these in the cabinet at the clubhouse and someone took them. I still have the 1st DVD but darned if I can...
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    What happened to Big Dog 1 Hole stream?
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    Sparta (Greece) Finals--E Zaja

    Just watched the Sparta finals won by E. Zaja. Anyone familiar with him? He has a long beautiful stroke that moves the cue ball effortlessly and a sweet game. Won 8 in a row in which in 2 of the games he had to play a safe which he did in lock up style.
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    It is repeatedly said that CTE is a visual system. Yet on the 2nde video Stan at the 42 minute portion says that his eyes are not on the lines when he gets his visuals. What then is the off set position from which he acquires the visuals? Is there no longer a set position from which the visuals...
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    Eye Dominance

    People keep telling me different things and different ways to determine eye dominance. If I make a circle with my thumb and index finger and with both eyes open try to center an object 8-10' away and if I then close my right eye and the object is perfectly centered what eye dominant does that...
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    Simonis w/Teflon?

    I was at a Seniors Clubhouse today and a potential installer was talking to them about covering a table. The guys wanted Simonis 860 and during the conversation this guy said that Simonis had a cloth that was Teflon coated that was used for bars and such. I had never heard of such a thing and...
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    860 in So. Calif

    Our clubhouse needs 2 tables covered in Simonis 860. What should be the price, including leveling? We are in the Inland Empire. The guy who supervised the original purchase for our Association recently passed and we really need a number that we can trust. "Thanks" in advance for your help.
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    Ball Cleaning

    At my Clubhouse the guys are lazy an feel no obligation to clean or maintain the equipment. Tables are Brunswick covered in Simonis 860 and I want the equipment to last as long as possible. So I brush an vacuum. With the balls should I just use a mild soap and water, rinse well and buff with a...