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  1. JessEm

    Where is the Best Action in the US at this moment?

    Within say, a 50 mile radius. Where would you go? I'm not talking about only pro caliber players, necassarily, but rather, various degrees of skill, who are willing to gamble? Which part(s) of the country is the hot right now?
  2. JessEm

    Revo shaft with joint ring?

    Can a Revo shaft be ordered/made with a silver joint ring?
  3. JessEm

    Who Spends the Most at the Pool Hall?

    Heavier people appear to eat more, but skinny could be a sign that a person's metabolism is faster. Logically, good players shoot faster which leaves more time for food and drinks. From a customer service standpoint, it makes sense to give APA 3's and 4's more ice in their drinks. The tradeoff...
  4. JessEm

    No mentions of US Amateur Championship?

    I'm a little surprised there's no posts here about the US Amateur Championship. I looked to avoid duplicating... That Final match yesterday was ridiculous (trying not to spoil it..). Here's a link to the full match. Congrats to all of them for making it there.
  5. JessEm

    Open / Closed Bridge Hybrid?

    I'll have to give this a try later. Can't say I've seen anyone use it.
  6. JessEm

    Anyone wanna part with an 'UltraSkin Ivory Tip M', or two?

    Would like to buy one or two of them. Thanks.
  7. JessEm

    Old Cue ID, & Ballpark Value?

    I'm looking at this older cue. Seller doesn't have any info. Any help is appreciated. Difficult to tell from the pictures, but this cue does not have a bumper, if that helps.
  8. JessEm

    Comprehensive LIST OF BILLIARDS MOVIES (Plus TV Shows, Web Series, Shorts, and Commercials)

    "The Largest List of Billiards Movies...Ever!" "In my research, I've discovered 66 billiards movies, either made or in production. The 61 listed in IMDB are below. My full list includes short films, tv episodes, and web series." IMBD MOVIE LIST (61) BLOG of EVERY BILLIARDS MOVIE, TV SHOW...
  9. JessEm

    Help Dating Cue & Why Does A Jump/Break Have 2 Shafts? (Woodworth)

    Hello, Just received this old(?) Woodworth cue moments ago. I kinda made the purchase sight unseen, and I have to say I'm delighted with the condition. Although, I have not hit a ball with it yet, nor has it been rolled on a table... In the meantime, I have a couple questions that I'm hoping...
  10. JessEm

    Tourney Double-Elim Format Question

    Looking for a rough idea on how many matches I can fit into one day. - 2 Tables - Double Elim - 8-Ball races to 2 on winner side - 9-Ball race to 2 on loser side Ultimately, the question is, how many entrants can be allowed, before it's too many to finish in one day. Thanks in advance.
  11. JessEm

    A 'Critique My B&R' Video

    Critique away. Bear in mind, in January it will be 2 years since I started playing. But I did shoot with friends at the pool hall a lot when we were younger. Thanks
  12. JessEm

    Day-3 Mosconi: AMAZING 2-9 bank shot Sky Woodward Setup

    That was an amazing 2-9 bank-shot Skyler setup for his partner to have the first rack of day 3! WOOT WOOT!
  13. JessEm

    Phenolic Tip (or similar) on CF Shaft (Revo) ...?

    Has anyone put a phenolic tip on a Revo? Is it even possible? Or for that matter, a tip with hardness similar to phenolic, on any CF shaft? Would you recommend it? Thinking about doing this with a Revo 12.9... Input is appreciated.
  14. JessEm

    Well, monkey butt... Where's the search feature on the new forum?

    Google's links to threads are coming up "File not found."
  15. JessEm

    Is Leagues In Resturants/Bars Worth It For The Establishment?

    Host locations with two tables. Does it increase revenue? Expand customer base? What's the incentive for them? Is the impact on their bottom line noticeable? The reason I ask is because there's local establishment under new ownership and he's doing a great job of breathing life into the place...
  16. JessEm

    APA Pool Table Light

    Where can I get one (or two)? Asking for a friend. Thanks.
  17. JessEm

    Relationship between Molinari & Predator?

    I've heard a couple different things. Are they the same company? Is the quality the same? Pricewise, at first glance they seem comparable...
  18. JessEm

    HUEBLER Cues Question

    Does anyone know Tom Huebler's relation to Paul Huebler? What role did he play in the cue making process? TIA.
  19. JessEm

    Lysol Spray on Simonis Cloth. Will it disinfect? Damage to cloth?

    Getting bored playing by myself for the past couple weeks. Considering having one person at a time over, and keeping our distance. Chairs setup on opposite ends of the table, etc. What about things we touch? The rails are easy enough to hit with a disinfecting wipe, but what about the cloth...
  20. JessEm

    Antique Pool Table Parts

    Just wanted to pass this on to AZers in case anyone is looking for these old parts. The pockets are iron covered in leather. Don't know what kind of table they're from.