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  1. nfuids

    Darren Appleton is getting back in shape!

    I'm so happy to see Darren perform again! I really hope he wins something big this year and that he makes mosconi cup!
  2. nfuids

    CTE Ressource available

    Waiting for Stan's Book and Truth Serie to come out.. where can I go to learn CTE these day?
  3. nfuids

    Review of Scott Lee

    Just past 2 full day (20h total) with Scott. It really was nice, after a good video analysis of my current stroke, I scored 32 on his evaluation sheet. After the 2 days, I scored above 80. What I liked is that he had me position myself for about 10 shots or so and mesured my bridge lenght and...
  4. nfuids

    Molinari glove in Canada

    Where is the best place to buy (and get reasonable shipping fee) molinari glove in Canada?
  5. nfuids

    Table tightining up after days

    Hi, I always hear that a new condition table tighten up after couple days of tournament play. What exactly is changing? I mean obviously, the cloth is getting older/used, but what exactly does this mean for the actual game? How can knowing this be used? How can I adapt my game on new cloth vs...
  6. nfuids

    Best way to record Mosconi cup

    Hi there, Since mosconi cup matches starts at 1:30pm, is there anyway to record them to watch them later in the day?
  7. nfuids

    PSR learning material

    Please share the best Pre-Shot Routine learning material I could pick up to help me define mine own! Video, text, thoughts, anything really! Thanks :)
  8. nfuids

    Comments about my game would be appreciated!

    Hello everyone, Here is a video of me a couple months back, I'd like to have general comments about my game, areas you see I'm stronger/weaker, anything really. I'm the guy with a dark blue / grey shirt! I won, but should have won earlier in the match, due to some unforced errors! For the...
  9. nfuids

    Tip installing TAOM tip (pun not intended :)

    Hi there, I've recently installed 2 taom tips. I've got a lathe. I wonder how you guys go to trip the tip? Do you simply use a new blade? or do you use a tool with the lathe? I'm asking because I felt that using a blade isn't that easy. I finally did it simply using a blade, but the tip is so...
  10. nfuids

    Did you try Cheqio?

    Hi, I came across a Cheqio ads and wonder if that really helps on the focus/relieve stress. Anyone tried them and have an opinion? Thanks
  11. nfuids

    Can i put a tip on this?

    I removed a tip on my gf's cue and see this. Can i install a new tip? Its the first time a can see the wood through the ferrule! Thanks
  12. nfuids

    Front end mass, taper Questions!

    Hi guys! I'm wondering where could I read about how does the front end mass affect the cue ball (deflection, spin, etc.)? I mean why is it so important? I'd like to do some basic testing with my z2, 314-2, V and Revo shaft and see how it differs, but I have yet to know what to look for exactly...
  13. nfuids

    24h before I get my Revo!!

    I Just can't wait to get my Revo! I ordered the black, wrapless P3 Revo!! :)
  14. nfuids

    Learning new shaft

    Hi guys, When there is a new shaft, how do you learn about how to repair it? For exemple, predator BK3 shaft, if you want to change the ferrule, where would you look? Is there a place where you can see how to do specific work on specific shaft?
  15. nfuids

    Sealing, Final finish and burnishing

    Hi there! I'm starting to actively trying to improve my cue repair/maintenance skills.. I've been reading a hell of a lot lately and wanted to learn more about the different sealer.. It is my understanding there is pretty various type - Lacquer - Polyurethane - Vernish - Shellac Can anyone...
  16. nfuids

    Any kind of sealer are to be avoided?

    I'm looking at buying a wood sealer for my shaft maintenance. I was wondering if any kind of sealer are better than other. I'm not necessary talking about brand, but about general categories of sealer? I'm completely newbie when it comes to sealers. I did some research, but since around here...
  17. nfuids

    Need help setting up a paid feed

    Hi, We want to organize a match and sell the feed. What's the best way to do that? UStream? Youtube? What do you guys recommend?
  18. nfuids

    Need help improving my cue maintenance / repair skill

    Hi everyone, I bought a lathe ( 2 years ago, but only did around 20 tips. I really bought that to clean my shaft and change my tips so I wouldn’t depend on a local shop. I like to experiment with different tips and play with a clean...
  19. nfuids

    Common glue to install a tip?

    What brand of glue can i use to install a kamui clear? Krazy glue? Stuff i could buy at home depot or alike..
  20. nfuids

    Cyclop vs Aramith Pro tournament

    The poolhall I play at purchased a set of cyclop ball. The owner told me that the cyclop balls are a bit harder and thus have less cut induced throw, less of cling time. What do you say? Is that true? How do both sets of balls play differently?