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  1. Joe_Jaguar

    Diamond Las Vegas Open

    Starts tomorrow: Packed field. Brackets: Best part...they got rid of the 9 ball crap and made it 10 Ball, a better lead into the WPA World 10 Ball next...
  2. Joe_Jaguar

    WPA World 8 Ball Championship?

    Was wondering if anyone had any scoop yet on this event? WPA calendar shows it in Malaysia scheduled on top of the Int. Open in October. Not much on the WPA site, and neither the WPA not Predator would comment on it. As of early December they were showing a "world 8 Ball" starting 9/26 with...
  3. Joe_Jaguar

    World Chinese Pool Masters

    Corey's match on now....
  4. Joe_Jaguar

    2020 World Cup of Pool

    For those of you not yet on Facebook Matchroom has announced next year's World Cup in June from sunny old Saudi Arabia. Matchroom! Matchroom! Matchroom! :rotflmao:
  5. Joe_Jaguar

    2019 WPA World 9 Ball - Qatar

    The 1st of three qualifiers start tomorrow. Nothing on the QBSF website. A guy on Facebook linked to the following site. I think it is the same Polish guy that did it last year: Quite a few big names showing in the qualifiers...
  6. Joe_Jaguar

    Snooker - O'Sullivan vs Higgins on now
  7. Joe_Jaguar

    Snooker - Selby vs Allen on now
  8. Joe_Jaguar

    McCreery 2020

    Not sure if this was posted on here yet but saw while browsing the the UMB site that it now shows the McCreery event has dates for Oct 11- 17, 2020. Nothing on their site yet (
  9. Joe_Jaguar

    This sub forum?

    Am I missing something or is there only 13 posts in this? I don't frequent often but seem to remember a lot more activity. Did they wipe out the old one and start this one?
  10. Joe_Jaguar

    2019 Mosconi Selection

    Saw this on the Face for those that are scared to enter... :p
  11. Joe_Jaguar

    World Cup of Pool 2019

    Round 1 starting tomorrow. Looks like in the US it will only be streamed (officially) on DAZN: Sessions start at 8:30 am and 2:00 PM eastern. SVB & Woodward up first at 2:00 :thumbup: TUESDAY 25TH JUNE 1:30PM SESSION -...
  12. Joe_Jaguar

    World Pool Masters 2019

    Starts Friday morning. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all sessions appear to be at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM eastern. Looks like the only way to watch here in the US is by either buying the stream via DAZN or finding someone rebroadcasting the stream of Sky or Dazn. I'll be going the pirate route...
  13. Joe_Jaguar

    Siming Chen vs Donny Mills

    For those non Facebook nits: Here's what you guys been waiting on and finally we can settle all the talk that has been going around. Details are all below and subject to change. Game Details: -9 Ball On The Spot (DCC rules, yes! no talcum powder) -EVEN -Winner Breaks -Rack Your Own -Break...
  14. Joe_Jaguar

    New Derby rules

    Posted today on Facebook: 2019 Derby City Classic Rule Changes One-Pocket: •If a ball is made on the break, re-rack. •When more than four balls are in the kitchen at the end of a player’s inning, the ball or balls closest to the end rail are spotted until there are only four balls remaining...
  15. Joe_Jaguar

    8 Ball - Efren vs Alex

    Starting now in the MN event. Bar box but still...
  16. Joe_Jaguar

    SVB's Mosconi Facebook post

    Boot Camp, LMAO...... June 1, 2018 To my Fans and Sponsors, It’s that time of year……We are approaching the selection of the 2018 Mosconi Cup initial squad. Since playing in my first Cup over ten years ago I’ve been a part of several changes. Some changes I feel were needed and others in my...
  17. Joe_Jaguar

    Derby City - Banks

    Left in Round 9 today (not sure if there was someone with a bye too): Justin Bergman (0) Fedor Gorst (1) John Brumback (0) Larry Nevel (1) Francisco Bustamante (1) Sidney Champion (1) Tony Chohan (1) Shane VanBoening (0) Matt Clark (1) Jayson Shaw (1) LeeVann Corteza (1) Shannon Daulton (1)...
  18. Joe_Jaguar

    2018 Joy Cup World Chinese 8-Ball Masters Grand Finals

    Corey Deuel's match starting now:
  19. Joe_Jaguar

    WPBA Soaring Eagle event

    For the few that might be interested, their event is going on now (great advertising :confused:): Webb getting ready to get drilled by Wei Tzu Chen on the stream. Brackets...
  20. Joe_Jaguar

    Jacksonville pool hall shooting (from a couple of weeks ago)

    Anyone recognize this fool? If so, give the po-po a shout.... Love how it takes them two weeks to release this.