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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    Agree as well
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    A local cuemaker/player has passed away.

    Condolences for his Family and Friends
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    Pool table refurb

    Looks great
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    Terribly sad and tragic news. I didn’t know Tony well but years ago at Derby,my Son and I were having as many people who were in “Playing Off The Rail” sign our copy of the book. Tony was very gracious and nice to visit with. RIP and Prayers to his Family and friends.
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    2222 Hustler case 2x2

    GREAT Looking case
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    Brunswick Centennials or Aramith Tournaments?

    The first step is admitting it. :)
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    3 Bob Thompson Cues. Must see craftsmanship.

    Bob builds incredible guitars
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    Room Owners Post Photo's Of Your Pool Room

    Great looking room
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    How small of a pool table is not a pool table anymore?

    Adam,Are you playing mostly at The Rack or High Pockets? In about 4 weeks we'll have had our second shot and will experience freedom!
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    If you could only play on bar box's in bars would you hang up your cue?

    In a perfect world there would be room in my basement for a 9 ft table(instead of my 7 ft) and there would be a bunch of rooms with full size tables near. Of course the world is far from perfect, It's about 2 hours to Memphis or Nashville where the big tables are. On a positive not this...
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    Late 60's GINA cue

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    "Pool Wars" by Jay Helfert

    Really good reads from a good guy.
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    Sold 2019 Carmeli Hoppe

    Midweek Bump
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    Sold 2019 Carmeli Hoppe

    Sunday Bump and PRICE DROP $1400 plus shipping
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    Sold 2019 Carmeli Hoppe

    Yes,A weighbolt can be removed to reduce the butt wt to 15.1 oz. Apologies for the slow response. Thanks