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    Milk Duds?

    Trying to reach Pooldawg 8 to get some Milk Duds and can't remember how he spelled his name. Any one know?
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    So tell me...

    Back in the day, when Buddy and Siegel and Efren and Johnny and Earl and Nick, etc. were the 9 Ball kings. Was there all this pissing and moaning about the rack? Did they have to have a certain rack and size pockets and neutral racker? Did they match up with their own money or a backer and...
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    Favorite 2018 Mosconi Match

    I just watched Skyler whupping Shaw for the 3rd time and I will watch it again. As any one watching it knows, Shaw was doing his Shaw show for the rude Euro fans and Skyler humbly took care of business. Those last couple of shots of Skyler's were priceless, as was his Shaw imitation. Well...
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    That Chang Jung Lin guy

    Happy for Chang. I watched him come in second three times in big tournaments in the last couple of years when he lost to Shaw, Filler and Shane. I watched him run 10 racks of 9 Ball on You Tube to win a match. He is always professional acting in his matches. He is well deserving of this...
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    Alex vs Dennis?

    When will an Alex and Dennis match happen? Have they ever matched up in a big money match before? It seems like they play about every one else. How bout T Rex and that Frost guy?
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    Alex, a hustler?

    Is Alex a pool hustler? How good is he? Seems like he might make more in one on one action then in tournaments. Also seems like few want to match up even with him. I enjoy watching him and would like to see him and Dennis playing even up One Pocket.
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    Best all around Euro player?

    Who is the best all around European player? I'm talking 8,9, and 10 ball and the takes forever One Pocket game. If Kaci played One Pocket would you watch it...……….
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    Young U.S. 9 Ball players?

    Who of our under age 30 U.S. 9 Ball players is best on 9' tables? What order would you rate these three? Thorpe Bergman Skyler Some one else?
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    When did it start?

    When did the bar box start showing up in pro tournaments? Did Efren, Buddy, Johnny and some of the other old pros have rack issues, or is this something new?
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    Congrats to Neils!

    Once again Neils proved he is a top tier 9 Baller, good for him, The other good thing is Shane waded through Appleton and Shaw. If he beat no one else I was hoping he would beat them. Least I forget for any boxing fans. I think Canello recently tested positive for steroids, said he got it...
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    BCA rules.

    I missed the shot and the ball is centered in the pocket. My opponent takes over the table and makes two balls and my ball falls in. He said it should spot back up and I said ok. I told him I think it should go back in the pocket though. Any way that freed him up to shoot the 8 ball in the...
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    Players in World Pool Masters?

    Can some one please post a list of the players in the World Pool Masters? Who gonna win it?
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    Who won the 9 Ball?

    Who won the DCC 9 Ball? Do they have a 10 Ball?
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    DCC "Action Matches"?

    Did the mighty Shaw, Dennis or Shane play in any big money matches at DCC?
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    What if?

    Fedora Gorst and Klenti Kaci, if Team Europe wanted them could they play for them?
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    School me on blind draw

    If some one is using cards to do a "blind draw" for 2 or 3 or 4 player teams, other then marking the cards or tossing one a bit from the pile, is there a way they could be manipulating who pulls what card? I am just wondering what you guys know that you could share with me. Sorry, this is all...
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    Another Team Cup?

    The old Mosconi Cup has lost much of it's appeal for me and I am dreaming and hoping for a new "World Cup" of some sort. The best of Europe competing against the best of Asia in 10 Ball using the same format as the Mosconi Cup. How would Orcollo, Biado, Chang, Big Ko and Wu do against the...
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    The long cue?

    I shoot with a 61" Diviney cue and I have a 8" extension Pat made me that screws into the butt if I need some extra reach. I am looking at the pros that I am aware of that use "long cues". We got Earl, Shane, Shaw, Hatch, Kaci and who knows who else using "long cues". I think it may be the...
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    Another loss for Team USA!

    Team USA played their heart out and I thank them for fighting against a stacked deck every year. It took two players from Germany, one from Scotland, one from the Netherlands and one from Spain to beat them down, but they did beat them down. Soquet and Alcaide are class acts. Shaw got a bit...
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    shaft stain

    I want to darken a cue shaft to a very dark brown. What stain should I use that will not wear off and accept a wax or other sealer?