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    Can't play because of back pain (hernia) - any tips?

    i'm totally incapacitated atm, can barely lie down. sitting and standing hurts like hell. played a bit too long the other day + carpentry, i guess that had a role in it. because of the disc hernia (L4-L5) i usually can't play more than 3 hours and i've been a bit careless lately. the main...
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    Siming Chen playing c8b against world no 1

    came across this: i have only watched the first racks, but she is as usual very impressive. (her opponent chu bingjie is imo the best 8-ball player in the world)
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    people who diss the commentators in free youtube vids

    what the feck is wrong with these people. in the last couple of weeks i've read dozens of disrespectful comments on the uploads of accustats, csi and billiard network. some flat out mean posts about grady, danny d, jj and even nick varner. sure, everyone has their favorite commentators and is...
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    Jogger's heel / plantar fasciitis and pool

    got this crap last sunday after a day of workout and pool playing. i've had pain all week. anyone experienced in this? is playing pool off the table? :sorry:
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    melling vs shaw live just for fun i think. good commentary
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    Ronnie O vs Ding taking no hostages (UK championship) best match of the tournament so far, guns blazin'. ding has slipped in recent years and is now bordering on being top 16, but seems to be back with a vengeance
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    Opinions on this cue lathe? nifty little tip shaper at the end
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    Which on-demand vimeo matches are worth buying?

    i noticed accustats and some other channels have videos there. i'm mainly interested in one pocket, but all tips are welcome
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    fattening a tenon with glue?

    got myself an old j/b cue in a trade. ferrule cracked, so i removed it. unthreaded tenon. i have some ferrules but the ID is bigger than the tenon. its a crap cue so don't want to spend too much money or time on it. can i fatten the tenon with loctite?
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    Making razor cuts in cue tip and ferrule for max adhesion?

    Two friends of mine told me they do this. after removal of old tip they remove residue, use gritty sandpaper and then they make a few criss cross cuts on the surfaces with a razor or utility knife for the loctite to have more adhesion. This sounds crude to me, and sub-optimal for ferrule life...
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    Hohmann's straight pool break down to the foot rail and back?

    Why? He does this fairly often. Breaks them hard as heck and cb goes up and down. What are the benefits of this type of break? Not colliding with object balls? The scratch risk is big, and i've seen him scratch twice in one match this way
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    Rank your top 3 favourite cue tips

    I'm getting kind of tired of the kamui tips, looking to change brand. What are your top 3 tips?
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    fitting a drill chuck into a pillow block (building a maintenance lathe)

    look at this video: i happen to have two pillow blocks, not unlike his, and a strong sewing machine motor, so i'm gonna build a maintenance lathe. got delrin collets, ball bearings and all i need to set it up - except the chuck part. does anyone...
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    which is the best youtube match to get someone more interested in (playing) pool?

    i have a friend who is not yet hooked but plays some pool now and then, quite poorly, i try to educate him and said i'd mail some good youtube matches to study. then i came to think of the question above, which is really the best youtube clip for this purpose? my suggestions, all in poor video...
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    what production cues have butt joints for extension?

    longoni have this, they call it lobite system. and most snooker cues. some other brand i think also have it, bear of buffalo? i'm not a huge fan of longoni though. what other cues have this?
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    WTB: no collar LD shaft

    I want to buy a no collar LD shaft. OB classic, pred 314 or Z, tiger, or any other good suggestion. Condition no matter as long as its straight. Got any?
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    Why does snooker thrive and pool die?

    Please read the entire post and not only the topic question I am an avid american pool fan, it's a big part of my heart and life. The best game in the world. It's with great sadness i see pool halls closing and world elite pool getting almost no media attention. But why is this? I'd like to...
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    Meucci Masada - is this worth anything?

    A friends wants to sell a meucci masada to me, it looks like this but with wrap (meucci polished): is this worth anything at all?
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    WTB: cheapest possible uni-loc cue butt

    anyone got a spare butt of any brand that has uniloc? i've got a predator z-shaft that needs a butt
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    Who except for predator makes pie-laminated, hollowed out shafts?

    I know OB has some nice shafts but except for them who makes these kind of shafts? Can cuemakers do this without infringeing on predators patent? From what i've understood the lamination makes it radially consistent and the hollowing/drilled out front makes it less likely to squirt and...