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  1. wagdad

    Ariel Carmeli cue playability

    Howdy to all the fellow AZB'rs out there. Just starting a thread to see how many others were, and or are, still impressed with how well or fantastic their Carmeli cue has been playing. I picked mine up a month or so ago from Bill Grassley at Cornerstone cues here in Michigan. Since the bars are...
  2. wagdad

    Pool in Michigan...

    Howdy all! I just got the news that we here in the armpit of the midwest "Michigan" that we've been put on lockdown AGAIN. By governor Hitler, I mean whitmer. I havent shot a game of pool or heard the balls dropping into pockets or big breaks and those cute little miscue breaks and the chuckles...
  3. wagdad

    Anyone else think the inter state ivory ban is dumb?

    Just curious if any of the cue makers and cue buyers think this latest ban of ivory products is dumb? I personally don't care for ivory inlays, but I do prefer ivory ferrules and joints, flat faced to be specific. I believe it was a cue seller put it in good terms. If the ivory is purchased thru...
  4. wagdad

    Show your Hsu Cue!

    Hello again to all the AZB'rs! Just shouting out to all the RJH Richard Hsu Cue owners. If you would like Post pics and descriptions of your Hsu Cues. Tell all about the playability of your cue and Your personal opinion of them. Heres mine 19.4 ounces Cocobolo forearm, ebony points Bushka...
  5. wagdad

    RCH Richard Hsu cue

    Hello to all you fellow AZB'rs! I'm always a fan of spreading the news when I find a great playing cue and that cue makers name is.......Richard Hsu! I contacted Bill Grassley at Cornerstone Cues and he invited my girlfriend and I to his home to look at some of his 200 plus cues. :DISCLAIMER...
  6. wagdad

    Josswest weight change?

    Hello fellow AZ'rs, my question for the cue makers is....can the weight bolt be changed on a josswest cue? I purchased a 1988 Stroud cue and it's a bit heavy for me. I managed to remove the rubber bumper and the weight bolt has a slot for LARGE flat head screwdriver. I tried to loosen it but it...
  7. wagdad


    Hello to all. Just curious if anyone has any Idea how many cues Bill Stroud made after He went out on his own? I recently purchased A 1 of 1 from 1988 and got curious about How many more of his cues are roaming around Out there. I read he passed on not to long ago. I'm sure hes missed by the...
  8. wagdad

    Stroke like the greats?

    Hello AZB'rs. I've been a member for awhile now, I dont have many posts. But dont let that fool ya, I figure you have 2 ears 2 eyes and 1 mouth, so if your running 1 the other 2 dont work so well! My enquiry is, how did the "old schoolers " have such a tremendous stroke? By old schoolers, I'm...
  9. wagdad

    Cue with a wobble?

    Hello to all, I purchased a cue recently second hand. If I roll the cue separate the butt section rolls fine, as do 2 of the 3 shafts. But when the cue is assembled it doesnt roll true and strait across a pool table. I can only think that it's the joint pin being inserted crook'ed. It's a newer...
  10. wagdad

    Cues for sale

    PICTURES ARE LISTED BELOW, ON CHILI PALMERS PROFILE. THANKS AGAIN CHILI PALMER FOR LISTING THE PICS!! I have a CAM Custom cue(Chad McLennan) $800.00, 20.5ounces A John Davis-Steve Dunkel conversion $1500.00, 18ounces A Dave Kikel cue as well. $3000.00, 18.7ounces I've tried to upload pics, and...
  11. wagdad

    How to sell on AZB?

    Hi folks, not new to the site, but new to selling on this site. Are there step by step instructions on how to list items for sale and how to upload pics? Or if you know how, please leave a detailed message in my box. I have a Chad McLennan, a John Davis-Steve Dunkel conversion, and a Dave kikel...
  12. wagdad

    How to sell on AZB?

    Hi folks, I've been a member on this site for awhile now, and I'd like to sell a few of my cues. I have pics taken and the weight of the butts and shafts. But, I dont know how to list them! Step by step instructions would be great please.
  13. wagdad

    Looking for zinzolas

    Howdy AZ'ers. Looking for Zinzola cues, 19 oz would be great. Post pics and prices, or pm me pics and prices.
  14. wagdad

    Pete Ohman Cross Cue???

    I remember seeing this awesome cue for sale 2 years ago. I found the old thread in for sale section. Anyone know what happened to it, or the seller???
  15. wagdad

    Perry Weston???

    I am interested in purchasing a Perry Weston Cue. Has anyone owned or played with one? How would you describe the balance and playability?
  16. wagdad

    Perry Weston???

    I am thinking about purchasing a Weston Cue, has anyone owned one? How would you describe balance and playability?? Any help would be appreciated.
  17. wagdad

    CAM Chad McLennan

    Hi All, I am hoping someone out there has Chads contact info. I spoke with him a few years ago, but he's moved since then. CAM Custom Cues Chad McLennan. Thanks folks, Justin.