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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    Sorry. Missed previous post about confirmation by his niece. Very sad.
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    Still no real confirmation. I understand that they have made jumping off of the bridge very hard to accomplish. They still have newspapers both printed and digital in San Francisco that you would think would have some form of confirmation. If true it is a darn shame a person could get so...
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    PPV-Midwest Open Billiard Championship-One Pocket, Banks & 10 Ball March 16th-21st, 2021

    I have tried multiple times to order. Probably my fault as I had different account name when you accepted PayPal. Your site has all of my current info including credit card and I can only get to "Access Pending." I don't do Facebook so apparently no help is available. Strange experience when you...
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    Hardtimes Bellflower

    Kenny Thomason told me that when he bought HT he had really been looking for a 10-12 table room. He got out at the right time but ran a great room while he had it.
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    I've watched John's entire 434-ball run for the 3rd time now. Still marvel how instantly he recognizes & achieves near-perfect position

    Depends on who you are talking to. I'm done. Said what I wanted to say.
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    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    Where is the evidentiary evidence of Willie's record? John announced he was going after the record and set out to do it. Many, many many great runs with , to my knowledge, always people watching. All that has to happen is for the starter of this thread announce he is going after the record and...
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    I've watched John's entire 434-ball run for the 3rd time now. Still marvel how instantly he recognizes & achieves near-perfect position

    John's run has been scrutinized more in the short time since accomplishment than Willie's run many decades before. So much Monday morning quarterbacking with no movie or any recording of Willie's run. John set out to break Willie's record and John had many great runs in his efforts. There are...
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    Hardtimes Bellflower

    A sad goodbye to an era. Goodbye to the daily railbirds & players. Calvin, Hawaiian Jimmy, Butch, Archie, Larry Bohn and all of the monthly regulars. All of the Golf players who had moved over to South Gate because of Eddie. There was a time that there was a Golf game going on Big Bertha 12...
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    GOAT-I feel tthis should be spelled GOTE

    People are always referring to the Greatest Of All Time. It always seems to lead to many different paths & opinions. Why not change it to GOTE. Greatest Of Their Era? I just feel it would be more accurate.
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    Ronnie Rosas, Mexican Ronnie

    I saw Ronnie play several times at Hard Times. Maybe a year after it opened. A friend that played on a bar league team I was on introduced me to HT. Bar leagues were really popular back in the 80's. I think that he league was the Southern Calif Cocktail Lounge League. A cocktail lounge I stopped...
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    How good was Keith McCready?

    Where did you read that? The difference between the late 80's and mid 90's is significant. He was in the depths of alcohol and drug usage at that point in the 90's. If Los Alamitos Race Track had been further away from Hard Times than it was he would have been inn even more action. Even past...
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    How good was Keith McCready?

    For me Keith along with Efren are my favorites to have watched. When Keith caught his gear only his mouth could keep up with him. Quick story. John Schmidt had been learning 1 Hole from Cooney during the afternoons at Hard Times. It had been going on for a long time and the spot Jack was giving...
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    When did getting low on the cue happen?

    I watched quite a few hours of that match and Morro was sick as a dog. He never took off his jacket and always had a sheen of sweat. Nobody could ever say that he didn't have a ton of gamble in him. Kim was so smooth and was one of my favorite players to watch. I first saw him go hill/hill with...
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    Dazn won't let me cancel.

    I had no problem closing my account. Quick e-mail confirmation. However, since I am a full time caregiver to my wife my daughter manages that account. Tomorrow I will have her double check the charges. Glad I had been searching for info on Hard Times. Bet they just loved the info posted about...
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    When did getting low on the cue happen?

    Snooker fundamentals are the most solid for any game with pockets IMO. Except for the occasional savant our games lack of continuity are generally related to our fundamentals., Something that always puzzled me was watching the players at Hard Times play "Golf" on the 6' x 12' Big Bertha. They...
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    How does Shane get the white in the air everytime??

    I was going to my table at Hard Times that was the next one past where Hill Billy was playing a local. I didn't know him and didn't know he was in town. As I was walking past his table he broke and I flinched and damn near dropped my rack of balls. What an explosion! I then watched him play for...
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    Playing pool seems like an eternity ago....

    I haven't hit a ball for 9+months.. I live in a 55+ community and there is a group of us who get together daily for 2-3 hours and play partners on the Clubhouse's 2 Brunswicks. Only play the occasional weekend. Bottom line is that I only play about 12% of my available life time and yet not...
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    Why CTE/Pro One Works

    On & off Freddy "The Beard" and I used to e-mail back & forth. I was the one getting the education. We did both agree that the more systems you mastered on banking the better off you would be. There seem to be so many aiming systems that so many of you are so good at championing that it often...
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    JB Cases

    I got a Rugged that I love but it has yet to see a pool room. A tad deeper ad heavier than I had expected but the best protection for my JoeyInCali's will ever need. Simple black with maroon threading with great workmanship.
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    Chip vs Gomez score

    What a waste of money. On top of that I was very disappointed in the quality of the 1 Hole being played. I did enjoy the commentary. I was glad to hear Sylver Ochoa as I didn't know what happened to him. Still don't but he sounded content. Just the occasional hint of wistfulness. I saw him in...