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  1. Joe_Jaguar

    Lomax 3 PC jumper

    You mention the BEM. What is the other wood?
  2. Joe_Jaguar

    Why do pros do bar box tournaments? Serious reply's only

    Seriously, you are an idiot.
  3. Joe_Jaguar

    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    Good to see Alex will be in NOLA.
  4. Joe_Jaguar


    Called it up. Was a jailhouse phone.
  5. Joe_Jaguar

    Tony Annigoni suicide

    No, not really.
  6. Joe_Jaguar

    Pro event in Tucson

    It is on the WPA calendar as "Predator US Pro Tour". "There is a "Predator Men's US Pro Tour" showing on the WPA calendar for later in the year with four stops. They appear to piggy back on and/or be CSI events: the AZ state championships, Diamond Vegas (prior to Predator WPA 10 Ball), and MI...
  7. Joe_Jaguar


    You made it everyone's business, ShortBus.
  8. Joe_Jaguar

    For sale section

    Some rules are so dumb they shouldn't be followed. 😴
  9. Joe_Jaguar

    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    By then soft-shells will be well in season too. Had a huge crab po-boy at Mahony's. The meal at R'evolution was also outstanding.
  10. Joe_Jaguar

    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    Good to see Ochoa back in action
  11. Joe_Jaguar

    why the hell do people call a cue a monster or hits a ton !!! , that just turns me off . any reason

    Just dumb sh!ts trying to make a sale, and unfortunately you can't call them out anymore without some clown banning you.
  12. Joe_Jaguar

    June 15th ......Gov. Newsom Is Reopening California 100% (with mask mandate)

    Does that census count include the illegals? :unsure:
  13. Joe_Jaguar

    Bank with a little twist

    He should have been commentating on far more Derby Banks matches than he did. Bank On.
  14. Joe_Jaguar

    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    do you know which day the finals are planned? Can't recall their scheduling from the past. Think I will drive over for this this year.
  15. Joe_Jaguar

    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    The first three would have a tough turnaround from the WPM in Gibraltar.
  16. Joe_Jaguar

    The BEST One Pocket Event of the year.

    Those dates correct? Starts on Wednesday the 26th yet the 1P calcutta isn't until the next day at 6PM?
  17. Joe_Jaguar

    Kikel break/jump cue

    Yeah, well played :unsure:
  18. Joe_Jaguar

    Cue Case

    Whatever happened to Murnak? He made some nice looking cases.
  19. Joe_Jaguar

    Justin bergman vs Fedor gorst --- PPV Link?

    The last two I've purchased from PoolActionTV have been with the Swipe service rather than PayPal. Have had no issues with either. For that small of a purchase I wouldn't worry about being "protected". You can always call up the card directly and dispute.
  20. Joe_Jaguar

    Midwest Open Billiard Championship-One Pocket, Banks & 10 Ball updates

    How did he pick these two for the 1P?!