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  1. CDs cues

    What kind of cue?

    The E engraved on the butt is hard to get a good pic and I'm not great with a camera. Thanks, Lee
  2. CDs cues

    Porper Model B sale

    I have a 5 year old model B. All the parts are with it and its in great shape. I don't work tournaments anymore so I need room. I'm in Anderson SC. $3200.00 Lee D 864-642-5604
  3. CDs cues


    We have APA where I live along with a couple of local money leagues. I have been checking on TAP and have thought about starting it here. They just started TAP in a couple of counties from me. The talk I am hearing is the players don't like the amount of paperwork that has to be done during the...
  4. CDs cues

    saw machine

    I have a early Sirca saw setup that I don't use anymore. I built the table on top of a cheap Hitachi table saw and used it for a couple of years to ruff cut butts. I did my final pass on a lathe. The motor works but has a bent shaft so has a wobble and it drags to start. I was going to put a new...
  5. CDs cues

    Ring Cutter

    I want to set up a Router or Laminate Trimmer to cut rings. I am using a Dremel right now but I want to use KJs blades and arbor. I want to set it up to use it on my Porper B or my metal lathe. I want a way to mount it in my tool post. Is there anyone who makes that mount. Lee D
  6. CDs cues


    I know that Atlas sells Radial pins and there are two suppliers who offer the 3/8 x 7.5 pins. Are there anymore? Lee D.
  7. CDs cues

    South Bend for sale

    Nice South Bend for sale. Quick change tool post. Set up 3 phase. I do have converter for single phase. Custom steady rest for cues. Located in upstate SC. I will deliver for a fee. Call me with questions. Lee 864-642-5604.-1.jpg[/IMG]246-1.jpg[/IMG]
  8. CDs cues

    9-ball software

    I'm trying to find software to start a 9-ball money league. I can't find a handicap system built in. Thanks, Lee.
  9. CDs cues

    software needed

    I want to start a 9-ball money league. I'm having a hard time finding software for a handicapped setup. Lee
  10. CDs cues

    $1000 Guaranteed Greenville SC!!!

    B&M Promotions (Amateur) 9-ball Tournament April 5 & 6 At Palace Billiards 56 Airveiw Dr. Greenville SC 29601 $1000 Guaranteed Player Meeting At 12:00 Entry Fee $40.00 (plus $15.00 Green fee) Players Auction Texas Express Rules 4 1/2 by 9 Tables Double Elimination On Site Cue Repair For More...
  11. CDs cues


    I want to build a down draft sanding station. Any ideas. Thanks.
  12. CDs cues

    acme 3/8-10 tap

    Anyone know where to get an acme 3/8-10 tap?
  13. CDs cues

    Pin type

    This is a MG cue. It"s not a 3/8-10. Can't tell it's 3/8-11 or what?
  14. CDs cues

    ring cutter

    I bought a holder for my dremel to cut rings. Where do you get the blades? I went to my local tool supply, they said dremel and other discontinued making the ones with no guard. Lee
  15. CDs cues

    Purple linen

    Wanted to say thanks to manwon, Craig, for getting me the purple linen so fast. We have the cues finished before the deadline. Thanks Craig for the help. Lee, CDs cues.
  16. CDs cues

    Irish Linen

    Can anbody tell me where or if I can find some solid purple Irish Linen. I could use black/purple, or white/purple. The catch is I need the same in orange. I have solid orange now. Got to love Clemson fans!