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  1. BRussell

    Do you use stun run-through?

    I’ve been working on hitting my follow shots firmer and a little lower on the cue ball. I think I’ll be less likely to get roll-off and cling, and I see pros shoot a lot of their shots like this, so I’m trying to emulate them. Damn it’s hard, especially at a distance. If I misjudge the speed or...
  2. BRussell

    Pool players are poor.

    At least we’re not as poor as people who watch TV or relax and think.
  3. BRussell

    Put Justin on the Mosconi Cup team!

    No disrespect to Max or Corey, but Justin has Mosconi Cup experience, has beaten Shane and Alex in this tournament (and several other good players), and has a Fargo rating that should make him a lock for the team. Come on Johann and Jeremy, shake things up and get people talking!
  4. BRussell

    Ouschan vs. Kaci live now

    On the EPBF Facebook page, Eurotour.
  5. BRussell

    US Open draw and rules

    It’s up on cuescore:
  6. BRussell

    Tournament videos showing players' heart rates

    There's a pool tournament right now in Bucharest Romania being streamed on Facebook: Mark Gray is playing as I post this. They must have gotten the players to wear some kind of heart rate monitor, because they're showing their heart rates on the screen as...
  7. BRussell

    Three US v Europe events over next 2 weeks

    1. Team USA vs. Team England (prep for Team USA Mosconi Cup), Nov. 28 in London Streamed live, free on the Mosconi Cup Facebook page 2. Atlantic Challenge Cup (juniors’ “Mosconi Cup”), Nov. 29- Dec. 1 in Vegas Free streaming, On the wire creative media 3. Mosconi Cup, Dec. 4-7 in London To be...
  8. BRussell

    The New Yorker: Pool players relive their most memorable shots The New Yorker magazine has a series of videos, including “Poker players relive their most memorable hands,” and now they’ve included pool players. There’s a lot for pool players like us to nitpick, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this in the general media.
  9. BRussell

    SVB foul vs. Kaci? Here is the finals match in the Netherlands, SVB vs. Kaci. Great comeback by SVB. But look at SVB’s shot at 50:30. He uses the bridge and pulls it away quickly as the cue ball comes back at his stick after the shot. Turn the volume up and you can hear a noise that...
  10. BRussell

    Can anyone make this shot? I've tried the shot about 25 times since I saw it a couple weeks ago, and I'm getting worse at it.
  11. BRussell

    Best template rack?

    There are several template racks available. Any preferences on which is the best - longest-lasting, holds them tightest, easiest to use?
  12. BRussell

    Measuring pool interest with google search trends

    I wrote up this little report while playing with some new software. I looked at US pool-related google search trends. Here is the report: Pool searches. Here were my conclusions:
  13. BRussell

    New Magic Chalk

    I noticed that Seybert's is selling Magic Chalk with a Yellow wrapper instead of the black. Someone told me it's a new formula for the chalk, and I tried it and wasn't sure it was any different. Can anyone confirm if the chalk is the same? New Magic Chalk with yellow label: Previous Magic...
  14. BRussell

    Wax recommendations

    I’ve been using chem-pak q wax. After about 15 years I’m finally almost out of it, and I’m thinking about trying a new type.
  15. BRussell

    Is this a legal shot?

    I saw this shot used to avoid a double hit. From under the cue ball, just a quick flip upwards.
  16. BRussell

    Diagnose my break problems (videos)

    I've had a long-time problem with my cue ball coming back towards me after I break. I figure I need to hit the cue ball higher, but now I'm doing something strange where I scoop upwards as I approach the cue ball. Any suggestions appreciated.
  17. BRussell

    World Cup of Pool held in London June 13
  18. BRussell

    How to teach/learn strategy?

    The recent instructor threads got me thinking about how to teach strategy: Shot selection, when to play a safety, how to play a safety, when to play two-way shots, push-out strategy, group choice in 8-ball, shot order in 8-ball, the strategies and shots of one-pocket, etc. There are obviously...
  19. BRussell

    Virtual reality pool demo There's a video in the link as well as the article. It's a pool game for one of those virtual reality headsets. Here's a Youtube video from the game company itself...
  20. BRussell

    Dr. Dave & Venom trick shots air on Rachel Maddow

    Here's the Rachel Maddow segment: She's making fun of Republicans who are trying to find a way to stop Trump, and compares their strategy to making a trick shot in pool. Unfortunately Dr. Dave is wearing shorts, so avert your eyes if possible. There's also some Venom in there, but thankfully...