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    Sold 2019 Carmeli Hoppe

    2019 Carmeli Hoppe.Excellent condition with one shaft having approximately 3-4 hours play and the other unchalked. Traditional Titleist veneers with Spanish Bull wrap and LBM ferrules. Butt is 15.6 with both shafts at 3.9 oz. 13mm shafts. $1400 firm plus shipping.Previously sold but buyer fell...
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    Bar Box monsters

    Who were some of the Incredibly strong bar box players over the years? The area where I live pretty much is exclusively bar box tournaments(tournaments on 9 ft tables have almost totally disappeared) so I was thinking about checking out videos for players the good folks here think of as...
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    Tightening up fit of shaft?

    What methods do you use to "tighten up" the fit of you shafts with wood threads(3/8-10 and 3/8-11) as they slowly loosen up a bit. It seems, in my unreliable memory, that Tim Scruggs once told me to swab the wooden threads with a slightly moistened q-tip and allow to dry.That causes the wood...
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    Points vs No Points

    Do you feel that cues with points play differently than cues without points(Merry Widows)? Could you describe how the hit is different, please? Thanks,Mike S.
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    Jay Swanson’s 57 Chevy

    A bit of a deep dive but does anyone know where Jay Swanson’s 57 Chevy is now? Thanks,Mike S
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    Do you use your collectible cases for daily play and travel?

    This seems trivial, perhaps, but do you use your collectible(Justis for example) for traveling to and playing tournaments, league play, etc.(when tournaments and leagues still existed)? Some like Justis are irreplaceable and just curious if you use a backup or just carefully watch those prize...
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    Envelope or Butterfly Cue Cases

    Do any of you use soft sided envelope or butterfly style cue cases(when out playing away from home)? There are some really nice leather ones but I wonder if anyone has had issues with protection for their cues? Thanks In Advance
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    Schon STL-03 for sale

    I am selling my Schon STL-3. It was purchased new in 2015 or 2016. Two shafts,one with blueing from play,the other in great shape . Very slight taper roll that doesn’t affect play at all. 19.6 with one shaft,19.7 with second. $450 shipped. I am having problems getting the pictures to upload so...
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    Joey Bautista(Joey In Cali)

    If you've not had a a chance to play with a cue by AZ's very own Joey Bautista,you are really missing something.I have ,over the years , owned many custom cues and Joey's cue is the best playing cue I have ever played with. On top of playability Joey has incredible woods and has incredibly good...
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    Trends in type of joint

    Good Morning.I am back to pool after a 14 year hiatus.I really enjoy trying and collecting cues as well as playing and have a cue construction question. Looking at various cues for sale there seem to be far more flat faced, big pin joints being made than the traditional 5/16-14 Steel joints.Is...
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    One Pocket on a 7 ft?

    I realize I may be flamed for asking this but: I only had room for a 3 1/2 x 7 at home and live 2 hours from the nearest 9 ft tables. I realize many despise the "bar boxes" but given my situation could I still begin to learn the fundamental strategies of 1 pocket on my small table? Hopefully...
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    Original Westinghouse Micarta

    Does anyone here have any (or know where to direct me) to find some of the Original Westinghouse Micarta for making 2 ferrules? Many Thanks,Mike S.
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    Great Service and dealings with Randy Tate at Bar Pool Tables Inc.

    Very high praise for Randy Tate and his business,Bar Pool Tables Inc. I read about Randy on AZ and he had my table delivered this morning. Also high praise for the young man who delivered and did the set up,Antonio. Good folks and super dealings all around. Highly Recommended.Thanks,Mike S.
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    Elforyn(sp?) Joints

    Having been away for a long time I am now seeing a number of cues with Elforyn(sp?) joints.I am guessing this is due to Ivory restrictions.How does this material hit compared with wood to wood,Steel, and Ivory joints? Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this,Mike S
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    Tad Birdseye Merry Widow

    Looking for Tad Birdseye Merry Widow.Must be 19.5 -20 oz in weight.Doesnt have to be mint but preferably not too beat up. Thanks,Mike
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    Relisting Jensen

    New Unchalked Jensen. Butt 16 oz. Shafts 4.3,4.4 oz both with Milkdud tips and Non Ivory ferrules.Lizard wrap $1500 plus shipping. Text for pictures.I cannot get them to post here!!! Thanks
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    New Unchalked Jensen for sale

    Not on market anymore.
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    Old Player question

    Good Afternoon. Question for you guys(and ladies). At 61 years of age with good health and ok vision(wear glasses) and a truly average(at best) ability, is it still possible to become a competitor on 7 ft tables(very few 9 ftrs anywhere close)? Certainly don't mean Pro level but good regional...
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    Koa cue?

    Happy New Year to all!! Has anyone here ever had a cue with a Koa forearm(uncored)? what did you think about it? Many Thanks in Advance,Mike
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    Gamble or Not

    I wanted to ask a question that may get me laughed out of here but ... Do any of the knowledgable folks here play tournaments and play recreationally but aren't gamblers? Its not a loaded question,judgemental, or troll post but just curious.A cue maker once told me that pool is a gamblers game...