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  1. JessEm

    Where is the Best Action in the US at this moment?

    Within say, a 50 mile radius. Where would you go? I'm not talking about only pro caliber players, necassarily, but rather, various degrees of skill, who are willing to gamble? Which part(s) of the country is the hot right now?
  2. JessEm

    Jump sticks have changed the game

    effs up cloth. Not an issue if you're only buying the cheap stuff, I suppose. Even better if someone else is paying for it. I quickly found out that my own simonis is not the place to learn/practice jumping. There's a bar owner in town that's a real butthead. I usually pursue my jumping...
  3. JessEm

    You think I should have a garage sale?

    Garage sale is A LOT of work. Like, multiply the worst you can possibly imagine by AT LEAST 2. To be honest, that picture isn't remotely worth the trouble. Give it all away, then reward yourself for saving two days of your life by spending an entire day doing whatever you want. If that's a...
  4. JessEm

    Revo shaft with joint ring?

    Anyone? I thought I read here once it can be done? Or was coming down the pike...
  5. JessEm

    Revo shaft with joint ring?

    Can a Revo shaft be ordered/made with a silver joint ring?
  6. JessEm

    Funny pic/gif thread...

  7. JessEm

    Dime Radius or Nickel Radius?

    This game is nickel and diming me to death.
  8. JessEm

    When is it ok to cancel a custom cue - already paid half price

    Man... I dunno.... I thought the whole point of a downpayment is to confirm your order, and lockup a place in line.
  9. JessEm

    Who Spends the Most at the Pool Hall?

    The former. And for this post, one could say YES. 🤣
  10. JessEm

    Who Spends the Most at the Pool Hall?

    Heavier people appear to eat more, but skinny could be a sign that a person's metabolism is faster. Logically, good players shoot faster which leaves more time for food and drinks. From a customer service standpoint, it makes sense to give APA 3's and 4's more ice in their drinks. The tradeoff...
  11. JessEm


    Operating in the red. The money is gone. Revenue from the event will cover refunds. There's worse things.
  12. JessEm

    Do you use stun run-through?

    All the time. As I got better, I started using it without even realizing. Later, I met with an instructor, who validated the "stun follow" as being one of the 5 core shots. It's an especially dangerous tool for "steering" the cueball on cut shots. Usually on OBs that are roughly >1/3rd-ball...
  13. JessEm

    Pool ball collecting.

    Simply outstanding, mrpiper. Thank you for sharing those games!
  14. JessEm

    Pool ball collecting.

    mrpiper, That's quite an assortment you've amassed there. I have a question about those 8-balls. Did it come as a set, or did you have to compile them from different sets? It's a good set to practice with for someone suffering from "money ball" anxiety. This balls thread is one of my favorite...
  15. JessEm

    What is the best pool table?

    Diamond is the new gold standard but you can't go wrong with any of the aforementioned.
  16. JessEm


    All cues have similar designs. Unless you really know cues, and even then..
  17. JessEm

    Cue Case

    Jack Justis?
  18. JessEm

    Seller info

    One more quick piece of advice... Obfuscate those email addresses or they'll be picked up by bots and you'll both be inundated with spam and scams. For example: john_oleson at comcast dot net
  19. JessEm

    Seller info

    I'd be wary if ppl don't step up to vouch with their experiences... A lot of posts here recently about scammers operating via the private messages. You could eliminate the obvious by searching the email address within this forum, and on google... If you're the buyer, use paypal if possible...
  20. JessEm

    No mentions of US Amateur Championship?

    I'm a little surprised there's no posts here about the US Amateur Championship. I looked to avoid duplicating... That Final match yesterday was ridiculous (trying not to spoil it..). Here's a link to the full match. Congrats to all of them for making it there.