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    Orcullo vs Woodward

    Im no fan of Dennis but if the table is tight Dennis should win this by a fair margin
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    Superman vs The Iceberg - 8-Ball Race to 100-Who Do You Guys Like ?

    Without a shot clock , Bergman puts Gomez asleep. If Bergman plays as slow as he did with Morra, I hope Gomez plays even slower. This match is about antics and emotions.
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    Sigel and $$

    Earl irritates me but Mike is just a fool. Im glad efren beat the piss out of him in there 8 ball match. Mike was just rude and a tool to Efren .Efren might say Mike was his toughest opponent but I seriously think Efren says that as a f--k you to Mike.
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    What is inside a CF Meucci shaft

    It look like garbage. I this tech talk months ago about carbon shafts does not look like it on the inside. Its all about dampening the sound.
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    Corona virus drugs on the horizon. Encouraging updates for players + loved ones

    This is not close to a cure and vaccine can take up to a year if they find one that actually works
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    Postive Covid19 Test at CSI / BCAPL event

    They say to stay away from large crowds and here in Canada you have over 500 people bombarding the Costco every morning now and nobody cares. Everything is shutting down but the LCBO stays open for tons of people gather. This is all smoke and mirrors. I believe this is faze 1 to see how people...
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    The softer the tip, the more spin you can get? is this accurate.

    I swear i miscue more with a soft tip and less accurate because generally soft tips compress and find them inconsistent. Any hard tip that takes chalk will perform much better in all aspects imho.
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    Jacoby BlaCk

    I like the Black but like alot of Carbon shafts, the butt plays a big roll. I find even more than wood shafts certain butts feel and sound better with carbon than others. The more you play with the Black , its very nice. The Cuetec is really nice as well. Both of these are very stiff for having...
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    Bergman vs Morra, race to 100.

    What would of put the cherry on top is if Danny D was commentating the entire match. 😝Lol
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    Bergman vs Morra, race to 100.

    If john is getting 15 games on the wire, no chance to beat him unless both his arms fall off midmatch
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    Scott erwin is a hack! Dont use him for cue work!

    Not much to say, its horrible and a hack job for sure. Im sure he must of thought" shit i screwed this one up". He should of never sent it back like that, he should of contacted you and said he made a mistake.
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    Tomahawk Ferrule

    SaberT is heavy , Tomahawk is not, its very light durable, chalk resistant and plays great. No negatives in my books, not one.
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    Jayson Shaw victim of cheating

    The rule is the rule. Forget it was Jason who called the foul. Lets just look at the rule. Did Earl call the wrong ball? Yes he did, so its a foul plain and simple. Jason was correct. Jason did not write the rule , he was just playing by them. Look at the way Earl slammed his cue, he knew he...
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    playing with my new Cuetec Cynergy 15k shaft

    So in fact it has made you a better player if your performing shots better now than before.
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    Jayson Shaw victim of cheating

    Rules are rules and Jason was 100% correct with the Earl situations. Rules are for everybody not for whom you choose to enforce them on. Now that would be bias. We look at it as spectators and they look at it as their livelyhood. And this wasn't the first for Earl doing this in that event.
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    What’s the Most Frustrating Aspect of Being an Aging Pool Player?

    Probably sharking myself, that everytime i stroke the ball i can hear the velcro on my diaper unhinging making quite a racket , which throws my focus for a loop😂
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    GOAT's final racks..............

    I am, but i do like watching him gamble in his homeland. In between racks there eating bugs off the table. Now talk about not getting distracted and keeping focus.
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    Props to J. Beretta............

    Jen played well but no way was she going to beat Allison twice in the same event.
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    Wondering about this cue..

    In this day and age Mcdermott trys to keep up but find the quality of wood has really went down. I wouldnt spend a dime on one.
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    Alex Olinger vs. Johnny Morra race to 100 bbox 8ball score updates

    People seem to not understand that John practiced left handed for years. People make it sound as though from scratch he became that good in a few months. Thats just silly and not true in the least.