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    My Gus

    Wow,just wow!
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    :: Zen Cues :: 2 Cues that travelled around the world with me...

    That ebony one in killing me,what an beauty!
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    Taom tip review

    Jason Shaw sells them in the us
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    Mika Immonen

    Love all the small Details on it!
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    New Case to match car.

    Thx,guys. This Car is an A45 AMG Edition one,the smallest AMG..2 litres V4, no Big block or V8:-( but got 360 HP and 450Nm from 2250-6000 it s quite funny. Both,Car and Case are really Well Build,i like them alot
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    New Case to match car.

    thx for helping with the pics,justin:grin: I see,i have to clean the car,lol
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    Big Pictures, Little Gus.

    What an perfect Cue.i m happy for u
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    Carbon Fiber Case 2x4 [Group Buy]

    I would not give an Cent for something i never saw before,sorry.....
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    My girlfriend and I don't like using rubbers

    Love that Sugarttee!
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    Mother Nature strikes again

    Wow,this Cue is a bomb, saw it in Hits a ton,had a nice Sound and Play lights out. I very happy that Ralf have it now. Jive,no worry about ur Cue, saw some Progress pics,u will be happy i bet:)
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    I haven't posted for a while. I'll leave a little treat here...

    I m the happy owner of the burl Cue.perfect craftmanship,great playability and outstsnding support.can t be better! :thumbup: and the pic s doesn t show the real beauty of These Woods . If u have the Chance to get one,buy it !
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    Looking for a CEM shaft (Cuemaker from Germany)

    At the Moment we figure outvto send some Cues and shafts to Vegas . Will post Details here if Cem called me
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    FS Fancy Ebony Cognoscenti with 2 Full Shafts!

    Wooow,great cognoscenti!!!
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    Looking for a CEM shaft (Cuemaker from Germany)

    this one is the first on my list! :thumbup:
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    Looking for a CEM shaft (Cuemaker from Germany)

    Think we will send tim new stuff :-)))
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    Looking for a CEM shaft (Cuemaker from Germany)

    I think it was the cue i gave to Tim, right? Complete Black One .:smile:
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    FS: John Davis 5 Veneer Fullsplice Blanks--New For 2014!

    If they are avaiable,please let me know. The first two i bought from u are more than great, my cuemaker is interested in more of them. Also always a pleasure to do buisness with u
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    Big Ebony Sugartree just arrived!

    Really nice one,and i be tu will like the Way it plays,buddy
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    Outsville "SOLID" Break tip.. FINALLY

    Like to try your tips also here, maybe i can sell them here in Germany .