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    Need help on diamondizing my gc3

    Table When are you going to make it to Vegas and LA Glen?
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    I got hooked bigtime!

    West Coast Oscar is doing a great Job, and many of our players are traveling for the action. Its a great was to get out of the local bar and pool hall scene and network with players in our area. Good Luck, this can only help your game.:thumbup:
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    How to throw a party

    What a class act!
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    Venom gets a Cameo in AC/DC's new video

    Hell Yes!, even with all the 80s green screen. Well done Florian!!:thumbup:
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    2014 tap nationals

    TAP Nationals will be at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas, November 13th - 16th and will be the largest event to date. Hope to see you there. :thumbup2:
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    APA rates going up?

    Here's an option.. TAP league on Thursday Nights at NY Joes in Poway $8 Also a new division at On Cue Billiards in La Mesa on Thursdays too for $8
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    Pool in Temecula

    Well done! Good Luck Today!
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    Pool in Temecula

    Temecula The best places to play are Cal Oaks Bowl in Murrieta. This room has a kitchen and full bar. Tables have new rails with Simonis 860HR installed by Ernesto & Oscar last month. 15 min north in Menifee at the Pit Stop Pub..which also has a kitchen and bar, There are 5 Diamond Smart...
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    to all you apa bashers...and all league haters also

    We run a no Handicap system too! It's called TAP X, No handicapping, No score keeping etc with Races to 5 Also If Handicaps are desired?, we have a state for the art handicapping system called Pool Net with mobile device scoring using a phone app that track the entire process for the player...
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    Just won a trip to TAP nationals in Dallas!

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    Just won a trip to TAP nationals in Dallas!

    You clearly have no understanding of how this system works. If you have been in TAP from the release of TM, you would know. Why play in a league format you have no understanding of and then get on open forums and dig on it. Dallas is going to be the largest event ever for TAP right? you should...
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    Just won a trip to TAP nationals in Dallas!

    That's not the case. TAP uses the tournament module in all upper division tournaments. Everyone in the tournament module falls under the same criteria. TAP handicapping is by far the most accurate and provides league players an unparalleled experience with the new mobile device scoring. :thumbup:
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    ABR 2Nite: Outside Looking In w/ Bruce St. James

    All inclusive Laughlin 2015 - SW Shootout
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    I've been booted from apa :)

    Tap Tap tap tap
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    Just won a trip to TAP nationals in Dallas!

    Dallas Congrats! Well see you there. The tournament module compresses the top and bottom of the rosters skill levels, and with the National rules allowing only one time out, attempts to shorten the match by 45 minutes to meet the sudden death time requirement. This allows three rounds of team...
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    Runout Apps - Scorekeeper 2.0

    Laughlin 2015 FYI: This all inclusive event will be paperless.
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    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    Laughlin 2015 We finished up the summer session last night. All five division title were not won till the end of each night, making for an exciting session. We are all looking forward to this new all inclusive event that will run paperless boards. Registration Starts Aug26...
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    This is a league operator!

    Tap He's an excellent LO. The TAP organization is always working harder and giving back more to the player. Ed Hobbs is a great example of that.
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    Runout Apps - Scorekeeper 2.0

    New artwork for 2.0
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    EFREN IS LIVE NOW AND FREE in Action at Hard Times

    Nice!! Hard times!!