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    2019 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Surprised you didn't share this news on FB - Long Island Pool
  2. LTL

    2019 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Congrats! Who did you play?
  3. LTL

    2018 AZ Billiards Straight Pool Challenge!

    Would be great if some of these runs were captured on video. I know some guys posted clips of their runs in the past. I love watching and learning from them.
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    14.1 League - Make-Up Games - Need Suggestions

    Miss a match = Loss, Make rule is there is no make-up's... Problem solved. :)
  5. LTL

    Safety Allowed...

    I've been watching a lot of old 14.1 matches where there's a referee calling the shots, safeties, and fouls. I understand why they announced the called shots in advanced, and the fouls when they were committed, but I never understood why they announced "Safety Allowed". When a called ball is...
  6. LTL

    Under The Stack Break Shots

    I agree with you! ^^^^ Mike Sigel goes through each variation of below the rack break shots in this video starting around the 14 minute mark. Thanks for the response Sraightpool_99
  7. LTL

    Under The Stack Break Shots

    Excellent point. I should have specified that I was referring to shots that clip the corner ball of the stack.... and the shots that contact mid-stack that can be followed out 3 rails....
  8. LTL

    Under The Stack Break Shots

    The commentator on this match suggested that Deuel is fond of these break shots because Sigel was also. Don't know how true that is of Sigel, but Corey seems to definitely prefer these break shots. (See 22:00 min mark of this match)
  9. LTL

    Under The Stack Break Shots

    Does anyone have a preference for "Under The Stack" break balls? They often seem to be available and offer great opportunities to open the pack and to keep your cue ball between the side pockets and the lower half of the table. I've notice that Corey Deuel has a preference for these types of...
  10. LTL

    Your Favorite Videos of 14.1 Matches?

    George Fels was one of the most knowledgeable commentators I've heard, and I would love to watch any match that he is commentating on. It would be great if there was of list of matches that he's on... no matter who was playing! There's always something to learn from listening to him...
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    POLL - How Do Your Runs End ?

    Can "Desperation - Missed Shot" be an option? :)
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    100+ Ball Run after the Opening Break

    Does anyone know of any recorded matches where someone has run 100 balls or more after an opponent's opening break? (YouTube, AccuStats) I seem to recall Siegel doing so against Rempe years ago but I could be wrong. I'm thinking that is a rare occurrence...
  13. LTL

    average high runs

    This is great stuff! Thanks all!
  14. LTL

    average high runs

    Sounds like you should go back to including safety innings in scoring the league matches. This would certainly simplify things... and bring BPI's way down also!
  15. LTL

    average high runs

    I'll give it a try. Based on our match yesterday my BPI was 6.25 (safeties excluded). Does this mean I'm not a Pro? :(
  16. LTL

    average high runs

    Thanks Dave! I believe my average is typically close to 6 BPI with safeties factored in, so I'm thinking I'm not quite at the pro level just yet. :D I'll keep working at it though! Thanks again for the info.
  17. LTL

    average high runs

    Well as you know Comish, amateurs' aren't as good at keeping score as the pro's! We always here about the high runs that the pro's make, but what's the average BPI of a typical (pro) match?
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    average high runs

    I have a related question... What is the average Balls Per Inning (BPI) for a professional player? I am not sure how the scoring is calculated at the pro level, but I would imagine that it would factor in safeties. I realize that most pro's can run 100 balls or more at any given time, but what...
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    Bayshore Billiards 14.1 League - Season 2 - Season Ends

    No one does more to keep the game of Straight Pool alive on Long Island (NY) than Steve Kurtz!
  20. LTL

    Frozen Balls - CB and OB

    Here's an old link related to this same issue.