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  1. cardiac kid

    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Yep, still here! I'm an RSB guy as well. My member number says I've been on AZ way too long;) !
  2. cardiac kid

    Is Max Eberle as big as a goof as I now think?

    Have YOU ever spoken with Max about this? If you did, your question would be moot!
  3. cardiac kid

    Unknown Cue

    No. This guy used to work at a local pool room many years ago. Thought the cue looked good. On closed inspection, you can see the butt cap is separating from the cue. Not sure if he will be happy or sad when I tell him the input from my AZ friends.
  4. cardiac kid

    Unknown Cue

    Hi Folks, can any of me AZ friends identify the maker of this cue? A customer brings it into the pool room regularly. Says he purchased it roughly 20 years ago used. Asked if I could identify it for him and suggest a value. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  5. cardiac kid

    Table Value Question

    Hey garczar and Trent, thanks for the information. Derrick already contacted me. I've forwarded the photos he requested. Hopefully he will be able to assist my friend with an accurate value. What a family we have here at AZ!!!
  6. cardiac kid

    Table Value Question

    Hi Folks, Is Mark Gregory out there? A friend has a 1893 Babcock Billiard Factory three piece slate 9' table. Is there anyway to place a value on this table? It appears to be in excellent condition. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Lyn
  7. cardiac kid

    RIP Cyclop?????

    Our pool room purchased a set of ":Skittles" Cyclop balls. We have quite a few players going to both SBE and the Vegas BCAPL / USAPL events. Both use those ball sets. At least they did. Checked the SBE site. Only mentions Diamond and Simonis. Lyn
  8. cardiac kid

    Help me to identify the truth, Buddy Hall & Bludworth Cue

    Wasn't Jose Parica somewhat famous for telling cue makers "you give me cue, I make you famous"! Lyn
  9. cardiac kid

    Looking for some Vegas help

    Jay, Contact Danielle Roberts. She is a licensed realtor in Vegas. She also doubles as the manager at the LV Cue Club. Her profile is on Facebook. Lyn
  10. cardiac kid

    TSA not allowing cues on planes?

    Yep, the TSA removed pool cues from the list. The flight attendants union protested and the ban was re-instated. See people on flights with Titanium tennis rackets. I've seen some high technology "canes" that might do far more damage than a wood cue. America is not a land where common sense...
  11. cardiac kid

    Personal Safety Thoughts When Returning To Pool Rooms

    Robin, During the BCAPL event this March, when I arrived the referees were wiping the tables down between matches with Clorox wipes. Asked one ref if they were going to wipe the balls down as well! You had to see the look on his face. Doing one without the other was a waste of money and...
  12. cardiac kid

    Do you ever notice a really bad smell coming from your cue?

    Brian, Thank you so much for your levity! Just what I needed to start my day. How are you doing? Have you fully recovered? Hope you saw SBE has moved dates again. Sure would like to see you there! Lyn
  13. cardiac kid

    Do you ever notice a really bad smell coming from your cue?

    Did you have it tested for DNA? Think we might want to know where that butt cap was!!!! Lyn
  14. cardiac kid

    Do you ever notice a really bad smell coming from your cue?

    Your game never stunk! Well maybe when you were ten or eleven!!!! Lyn
  15. cardiac kid

    What triangle is the best rack for one pocket ,straight pool

    Fats, flip the plastic rack over and look at the construction. Designed in alignment. All the wooden Diamond racks we used to have were so worn out there were no identifying marks left! Lyn
  16. cardiac kid

    What triangle is the best rack for one pocket ,straight pool

    Matt, The Diamond wood racks have one failing. With enough racks, the interior sides of the rack start to wear a groove and will not longer allow the balls to be racked tightly. There is also a different problem that comes into play in a pool room. With constant use, the pool balls wear...
  17. cardiac kid

    What triangle is the best rack for one pocket ,straight pool

    Dean, I suggest the "new" Diamond plastic rack. Found it to rack consistently tight. If you have a line drawn on your cloth as a center line for the rack, flip the Diamond over and there is a plastic support in the rear which will aid in rack alignment. The rack also has doubled supports up...
  18. cardiac kid


    And you as well Eric! Lyn
  19. cardiac kid

    Does anyone have Ronnie Allen on video playing

    Dean, Before he moved to Tony's, Ronnie left us a Dodge Caravan as collateral for another "loan". When we went to sell it, discovered the transmission was shot. Cost $600 to repair but....... That was Ronnie. Had me laughing when I mentioned it to him. Cherub's face on a devil's body and...