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  1. CuesRus1973

    carbon fiber cue mishap

    I think the McD ones might be painted. Interesting, when dropped on their tip on to a pool table along their axis, from maybe a foot or so, they kind of thunk and don't bounce.
  2. CuesRus1973

    Atlas Fibre to produce double black and chocolate linen phenolics again

    Solid rod is definitely worth the extra work.
  3. CuesRus1973

    Tip noise troubleshooting

    Shouldn't take 24 hours. At that point, just use an epoxy.
  4. CuesRus1973


    Epoxy is best, and a tenon die. Yo can get away with a CA Gel for glue but epoxies are better.
  5. CuesRus1973

    Tip noise troubleshooting

    CA Gel will work for ferrules, but 1. has to be gel 2. epoxy is still better. How thick was the clear gorilla glue? If I'm not mistaken that is still a cyanoacrylate (CA). It needs to be gel mostly for the gap fill. Also, will need to sit sometimes for over an hour to cure.
  6. CuesRus1973

    can remove epoxied weight bolt? if so, how?

    Schon has a bench with a flat piece of metal mounted on it just for their weight bolts.
  7. CuesRus1973

    can remove epoxied weight bolt? if so, how?

    That looks like it hurt coming out...
  8. CuesRus1973

    12x36 lathe

    There was once a poster here, I forgot who, whose signature line was "I build cues because I hate money". I don't know why but this post reminded me of him. A testament to the determination and patience it takes, I guess.
  9. CuesRus1973

    Pool making classes

    Jim Sickles has some videos of different stages as well. He sells them himself and through the distributor near Chicago.
  10. CuesRus1973

    Pool making classes

    Joe's customer service is a bit lacking. Just saying.
  11. CuesRus1973

    Sold Old School 1........F/S......

    Definitely a nice piece of curly there. Looks like a "honey" colored stain to help the grain pop a little more too if I'm not mistaken.
  12. CuesRus1973

    Tagua Nut Ferrule

    I've heard of tagua nuts but never tried them. Your results will be interesting to me as well.
  13. CuesRus1973

    Trash in my super glue finish

    If you are not VERY WELL VENTILATED you should not do superglue finishes. In fact, if you are smelling it, it is killing you. I already know people that died doing them. Stop now.
  14. CuesRus1973

    How to make a carbon fiber shaft more slick?

    Buy a joint pin to put in your drill chuck. But be careful, working like that can cause the pin to bind in the shaft. You can wind up pulling the insert out, or stripping wood threads, etc.
  15. CuesRus1973

    looking to buy the old brown linen phenolic rods

    You are correct, it has not been produced for years. I was told that it was inconsistent, blotchy, unsellable and the manufacturer won't take returns. They have something sort of close now but it will not match old construction.
  16. CuesRus1973

    Can you knurl juma?

    Juma? Brittle? Hardly. You have it confused with something else. I believe it might not knurl but brittle? No chance. I put a rod in my lathe chuck and hit it with a hammer. I've dropped rods on end on concrete. Nothing.
  17. CuesRus1973

    New Wrap Question need Help. Thanks

    Fair enough. I have a wrap job coming up. I'll try it out and let you know.
  18. CuesRus1973

    New Wrap Question need Help. Thanks

    Question for you Mike. Have you ever used the Elmer's clear school glue for linen wraps? I'm wondering how it compares to the white. I would imagine it would look as good or better, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
  19. CuesRus1973


    Mohawk makes a whole line of sprays to re-color and refinish vinyl and leather. I cannot attest to its durability. I've only seen it, never used it.
  20. CuesRus1973

    Full splice construction

    I like the use of the leopardwood on the one toward the right.