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  1. Woodshaft

    World 10-Ball Championships, Feb-Mar 2024, Las Vegas, The Rio

    Oops, wrong thread lol. I reposted on the correct tourney:LOL:
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    PBS Las Vegas Open 2024 (Men&Women),10 ball, (Feb 21-24) Men’s Winner $30K/ Women’s Winner $18K

    An interesting sidenote: All 4 of the Women's semifinalists are using wood shafts, and 3 of the 4 men are too. And FSR (cf Cynergy) is out now. Maybe the less stiff (less powerful) wood shafts give an advantage on these very fast tables? Definitely don't need a powerful cf shaft to move the ball...
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    Forward balance or rear balanced?

    I shoot open bridge more than not, so I prefer the front-balanced Joss. But it is definitely a person thing. Try both for a day or two, you'll figure it out!
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    Which country has the best pool players?

    The folks who live on Pacific islands seem to have the highest concentration of top players, both known and "unknown". Fargorate is neat and all, but there are a ton of unknown studs who aren't "rated". Fedor Gorst just lost 86 to 90, playing 10-ball, to Pinoy Baseth Macoibat on Sharks, for...
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    Question about eyesight

    I ditched my contact lenses at around age 47 and only use regular (I'm near-sighted) glasses. I have blurred vision out to about 18 inches but can instead look over my glasses to read/see up close. Bi-focals made too dizzy so I don't use them btw. I have 20/12 corrected vision though and, for...
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    question about sniper tips

    As I've said a bizzillion times, I'm not anti-carbon fiber. Carbon works well for many people, just not for me or MANY top pros. The final 4 of the UK Open has 3 wood shaft studs in it, and one recently "switched to cf (by Predator)" dominant wood shaft stud user (Josh Filler). Carbon fiber...
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    question about sniper tips

    You wanna pay $25 for a tip that glazes and is ever-changing, I have no problem with that. And yes, a box of 50 Triangles for $50 only yields maybe a dozen decent tips these days. Pretty simple math tells me a dozen consistent single-layer tips for $50 trumps one $25 layered tip all day long...
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    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    As he should lol
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    Efren - Pressed Elkmaster

    I can say unequivocally, IDC.
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    Single layer tip questions...........

    Layered tips are gimmicky. That said, I only get about 10-15 decent Triangle tips out of a box of 50 these days, but still about 5 times cheaper than layered glue tip crap.
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    Mid cue extensions? Yes or no?

    I'm in the mid- no, rear- yes group.
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    question about sniper tips

    Sniper is a no-go for me. Triangle. Let the chumps use the layered tips lol. Half leather, half glue....
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    What order to shoot the stripes with ball in hand?

    15, 11, 13, 14, 10, 8. Easy peasy!
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    Who makes the best wooden shafts?

    Lots of good wooden shafts out there, from solid maple to low-deflection. Can't go wrong with any Predator wood ld imo. And don't tell the carbon boys this but three out of the final four UK Open boys are using wood shafts (and the 4th, Josh Filler, dominated the world up until recently with a...
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    Standing on table after winning a tournament...disrespect

    99% sure Emily told the players to do that if they won. Matchroom likes to put on a show. Ko will probably never do that again. He is a pretty chill guy. I'm very happy for him. But haters be haters. If you don't like it, I doubt he gives two sheyets.
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    World Pool Masters 2023 (10-13 May), nineball, Essex UK, Winner $40K

    Shhhhhh.... don't rile up the carbon-fiber fanboys!;)
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    Predator Tables - Sebert's has them...

    "Seybert's" is one of Predator's biggest distributor's. Not surprising they are pushing the Predator-branded, overpriced junk over the higher quality, fair-priced Diamond tables. I don't order from them anymore btw- twice I received warped high-end shafts from them-- one a Revo! PoolDawg...
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    Tips for players with a 314 shaft

    You should pay $25 for a layered tip because, before them, and $500 carbon fiber shafts, and $800 break cues, and $600 jump cues, and $30 chalk-- no one on the planet could even run a rack!:rolleyes: Thank you B.S. capitalist companies for the new "miracle" innovations that have turned everyone...
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    Savannah “The RoadRunner” Easton using a wood shaft?

    I have 95% posted and commented about different topics. My reaction score is higher than my number of posts because I try and stay factual and postive. Have a good day!