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  1. Jewcito

    Mosconi cup 2017 Last AS VEGAS who’s going?

    I will be there! I was also there in 2013 and 2015.
  2. Jewcito


    Sent you a PM. Seriously interested. Thanks
  3. Jewcito

    Logs / Notebooks?

    Thanks for the greetings and yes, that is my 9' Pro-Am. :smile:
  4. Jewcito

    Logs / Notebooks?

    Thanks Tramp. I've been on the sidelines for a while and have observed enough of the controversial threads to know what not to step in. I figured in this case I was safe and I actually had something to offer from my experience. Jewcito is a nickname given to me by a close friend who introduced...
  5. Jewcito

    Logs / Notebooks?

    I've used a three ring binder for logging my practice results and have have found it useful for analyzing my weaknesses and showing progress over time. I have developed various metrics for establishing pass/fail or percentage based evaluations. And eventually I became obsessed with the data side...