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    BUTTERFLY EFFECT CHALLENGE - fullsplice cue for donation

    My donation (for a cue) was recently accepted.
  2. J

    Best cue under $1000

    How did you bend the pin?
  3. J

    "Gold Crown" Ball Polisher

    I, for one, only want the finest ball polishers to polish my balls.
  4. J

    Flu season

    Bet your 5g is fantastic as well :ROFLMAO:
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    Tip Contact Location Difference between 9-Ball and 14.1

    😂This thread is like what I imagine the first thread about carbon fiber shafts was like judging by the hundreds I have seen. Someone advances the sport a bit and everyone who had a niche making money some how has a gigantic bowel movement and their sycophants agree.
  6. J

    ISO predator p3

    OK! Thanks for the info!
  7. J

    ISO predator p3

    I'd buy one of those too. Is that the bocote model?
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    Tip Contact Location Difference between 9-Ball and 14.1

    What I was imagining is, for example, a newer player practicing their draw shots wondering why they aren’t getting the action they are expecting. They may see with this tool that they are not hitting as low on the ball as they thought they were.
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    Tip Contact Location Difference between 9-Ball and 14.1

    When practicing a certain shot, this data could be helpful in troubleshooting what the player is doing wrong.
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    Socks policy

    Isn't the World Pool Championship going to be in Saudi Arabia this year? Or is it the next 10 years?
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    Cell phone junkies

    Because you plan on being in your seat for most of the next few racks?
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    Cell phone junkies

    I thought we were talking about people on their phone when they are not shooting. If people are stopping shooting to check their phone, that’s a whole different issue.
  13. J

    Cell phone junkies

    I would honestly take it a compliment that my opponent anticipates me being at the table so long that they need to entertain themselves in the meanwhile.
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    Anyone Use A Rhino Carbon Fiber Shaft?

    I would think you would want to try a larger shaft not smaller? Shouldn't a larger shaft have more mass/deflection and be a bit more forgiving on a wavering stroke?
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    How often do pros "practice"? What is enough?

    That's some wild internalized misandry there.
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    Super Touchy Subject Men vs.Women in Pool

    Spend some time on the more feminist areas of Reddit and you will learn all the ways "The Patriarchy" has prevented women from competing with men in sports according to some.
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    'Meucci Cue Archives'....RIP

    Anyone know who the new owners actually are? I didn't see it in any of the press releases.
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    Super Billiards Expo just 8.5 weeks away!

    Why not? I'm about 90 minutes away, newly back into pool and was thinking about going. Probably also stop by RevZilla while in the area. The vendor area seemed like a place where one might be able to try a lot of cues?
  19. J

    Low deflection ferrule material for Carbon shafts.

    Standard injection molding I believe
  20. J

    Low deflection ferrule material for Carbon shafts.

    The outer shell of football helmets are made of ABS. That makes it seem logical to me that it may be a good material for ferrules.