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  1. derekdisco

    World Cup Of Pool (9-14 May2021) $250K Prizemoney

    I'd like to see that kick on the six ball in rack 6 I believe. Never showed a replay on stream but it looked like team Philippines hit the 9 first, bit he hit it 100mph.
  2. derekdisco

    Having a little trouble identifying a viking

    Bought from a friend, just curious on which series it is, any help is appreciated.
  3. derekdisco

    Needing rails for an old fischer bumper pool pool table

    Any suggestions? I don't have the measurements in front of me bit I'll get them later, but for the most part, the rails are a lot smaller than all the rails that I'm finding online. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. derekdisco

    Mystery cue

    Looking for help identifying this cue. Looks like some sort of production cue, but I can't find a name or marking.
  5. derekdisco

    live updates from the DCC (tourney/action)

    I'll be at the DCC tonight, and will broadcast through the app Periscope. Just download periscope for your smartphone or tablet, not sure if it works on PC, and add the username @Biverton. Its like a portable livestream. You'll get an alert when I go live. You'll be able to ask me questions as...
  6. derekdisco

    Youtube Channel with all of the Mosconi Cup matches. He usually has the current days matches up within 12 hours after play is finished.
  7. derekdisco

    Caption this picture.

  8. derekdisco


    Skill level, matches played, player ID, Name Team # 1 6 13 04471 Bivens, "The Bumblebee" 2 9 00474 Grant, Daisy 4 10 00487 Hohl, Deon 4 9 00498 Bivens, Frayman 6 1 09041 Fark, Robby 7 7 00017 Gentry, Gary 3 9 04289 Cain, Ryan 4 12 09327 Nance, Adam Team 2 7 10 05010...
  9. derekdisco

    The difficulty of Karl Boyes close out rack vs Earl Strickland.

    With Earl building momentum, having Earl being Earl, and the overall pressure that the Mosconi cup brings, Difficulty wise is this a top ten toughest runout you've ever seen via stream/video/dvd??? Here is video of the the last 2 games Earl won, and the rack that Karl ran out...
  10. derekdisco

    Bonus Ball question about the team "Miami Cruise"

    Will they sell jerseys to the public and if so how much for a Hunter Lombardo jersey? Thanks and happy Thanksgiving.
  11. derekdisco

    Is this a common 3 rail bank shot, or just a great shot If I had never seen this shot in this link, I dont think that I would have ever thought to shoot it. Is this a pretty common 3 railer for one pocket, or did Billy make a genius shot?
  12. derekdisco

    *!*!*!*!*! Free contest , win a free hat from the action report*!*!*!*!*

    The rules are really simple. I will be posting 3 groups of pictures. Each group has 2 photos in it. All you need to do is IDENTIFY which picture is FAKE. You choose A or B for each group. So your answer post will look like this Ex: A, B, A. (then a comment included) If more than One poster...
  13. derekdisco

    Fatboy beats John Brumback with Black Boar cue.

    Fatboy was using a house cue and was down about 300 bucks and thats when he had enough, busted out the Black Boar and got his money back.
  14. derekdisco

    Amy Paul

    Saw her on espn classic. Not sure how old the match was though, but wow i was really impressed, and she was cute to boot. What happened to her?!?!??!!?
  15. derekdisco

    **********the official happy 50th birthday to terry ardeno***********

    Happy birthday sir! Hope your back gets into shape, and sorry for this picture, but its the first thing that came up when I did a goodle search for happy birthday 50, LOL
  16. derekdisco

    19 Year old Shannon Daulton vs the MIZ
  17. derekdisco

    Anyone looking for a last second Derby City room?

    A friend of mine has one reserved for the 22nd through the 1st of feb. Something has come up and he cannot attend at all. Room isnt paind for, but is still held and is avail if anyone is interested. Shoot me a PM.
  18. derekdisco

    Reduced Package <--- $200 for everything, ill cover shipping.
  19. derekdisco

    2 cues and case for sale, cheap

    Won a raffle on this thread Just thought id try my hand at a raffle, accidentally won it, so looking to ship it off, entire package for 250. Pm if interested.
  20. derekdisco

    Darren Appleton world 10 ball champ!!!!!

    WAY TO GO DAZZY!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!