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    Gandy Miss America table cushion question.

    I am investigating new cushions for an early 1970 Gandy Miss America oversized 8 foot table. I came upon this AZB earlier thread from 2009 discussing using Championship Tour Edition k-66 rubber on a Gandy table and the horrible results after the install...
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    Determining tip brand name on used cue?

    Is there anyway to determine the brand of a tip on a cue besides just layered vs. non-layered or color?
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    Curiosity question - lathe alignment testing

    I have no experience building cues but am wondering how often do low production, or custom cue makers have to test, and/or re-calibrate their lathes and taper machines to ensure they are still within to their specifications?
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    3d printers for making collets?

    Just curious - does anybody use 3d printers to make collets for their cue work?
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    Question for competitive 3c players

    When you are in a 3c competition what tests (if any) do you use to test the behavior of the rails of the table you are going to be playing on? It seems to me this would be an important thing to do especially in 3c . I have noticed on the couple of carom tables (and many pool tables) I have...
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    Want to thank Bob Jewitt

    I just wanted to thank Bob Jewitt for making his vast trove of past articles available online. I had been reading them recently and came across one that taught me a trick that I had never thought of. The article was a rules question regarding a game where his opponent had laid the cue stick...